April 15, 2014

French designer Philippe Starck who is well-known for transforming everyday objects into design pieces, says that his new store, which will open this summer in São Paulo, will let customers create their own 3D-printed furniture and share designs with others.

He told the Wall Street Journal at the Milan's renowned furniture design fair last week that he hopes the concept will change the way people view design.

The new shop will be part of a new venture, TOG (AllCreatorsTOGether), an innovative furniture brand and a creative community between designer and consumer. TOG allows customers to be involved in the conception and process by choosing different materials, pattern and colors for their furniture. They can also add photos and stickers to the existing designs and make the final decisions. Each personalized product can either be produced by manufacturers that have signed up to TOG's network and sent directly to the customer's home, or downloaded as 3D model to be 3D printed at home.

Light Rock in various colors by Philippe Starck

Diki Lessi by Philippe Starck

Starck says TOG will become an open source platform that allows users to produce a one off object. Anybody can be creative and Starck believes that 3D printing will take the concept further. Users can personalize any piece using an app and print their own furniture. He'd also like to see 3D printer kiosks in every city in five years that anyone can use and print items.

"The only trend that is acceptable is freedom, freedom to be different, freedom to choose what you want." Starck said.


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