April 15, 2014

Jordanian startup Mixed Dimensions Inc. (MXD3D) emerged Tuesday with a little under $1 million in funding announces it has begun beta-testing software that lets anybody create and edit a 3D model simply by drawing on a screen.

MXD3D was founded in late 2012 by two online gaming engineers living in Amman, Jordan. Their frustration with the available 3D modeling tools for game development led them to start MXD3D.

"One of the major issues that are standing in the way of 3D Printing is the availability of easy to use design software that can power the users to unleash their creativity." said Muhannad Taslaq, Co-founder and CEO of MXD3D. "It's just like going back and working inside your parent's garage and just tinker. Much of the news in the 3D industry today is about hardware technology but if there is nothing to print or if the experience is not seamless, then it will be hard to sell a lot of printers."

MXD3D provides a new way of building, sharing and printing 3D models through an easy-to-use and intuitive cloud based design tool that runs on different platforms.

The interface is designed to work with touchscreens as well as PCs. You can start creating your design by either selecting one of the existing primitives, or upload a model you created before. You can then adjust the model, subtract, intersect and add models to each other.

When using the MXD3D tool, you will also be able to use 3D models created by the community. By simply dragging these 3D models into the canvas, you will be able to use them as building blocks for new, personalized models. The more models shared in the community, the easier the process will be.

Once you have your model ready, the MXD 3D's software will check and repair your file, generate the G-Code, making it ready for 3D printing.

Users can print out their model with their own printers or through MXD 3D's contracted 3D printing companies including Shapeways, Sculpteo and i.Materialise. Through its online marketplace, one can buy, sell or share 3D models, ask designers to design, or find a local printer to print out the 3D model. You can share and embed your creation by using an embed code. All models on its marketplace can also be edited online, via a direct link with its editor tool.

"We focused on making MXD3D community-driven, so that content created by users is stored in the cloud and shared with others directly from the editor." said MXD's CTO and Co-founder, Baha Abu Nojaim. "The editor is designed with a focus on ease-of-use and the utilization of the simplest concepts in life, like drawing, images and collaboration to generate 3D content easily. We designed MXD3D to utilize computer resources efficiently while on the browser or a tablet."

MXD3D is also taking a step towards making product personalization a reality by offering enterprises and businesses the ability to embed the tools in their websites and enable their customers to personalize and print products immediately from their website. For example, a company that makes iPhone covers could embed the software so people could design their own cover.

MXD 3D also announces a little under $1 million in funding, raising from a group of Venture Funds and Angels in the USA, Europe and Middle-East, including the Badia Impact Fund which invests in startups originating in Jordan and the Middle East, and Ecosystem Ventures, alongside the Alchemist Accelerator.

Mixed Dimensions is now located in San Carlos, Calif. Watch below a demonstration of the software:


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