May 5, 2014

Imagine having the power to create amazing 3D models by simply typing text commands. It is now possible with BrainDistrict's new Text-to-3D software.

BrainDistrict GmbH, a German software developer today released Text-to-3D, an innovative new technology that allows anyone to create 3D models, scenes and environments easily and quickly by typing text commands.

Here is how it works: users simply type a sentence that describes the image they have in mind, for example, "add a glass table on the floor" or "add a picture of Marilyn Monroe on the wall". Text-to-3D's cloud-based text rendering service will convert the text description into a 3D image in your scene.

Users can also select objects from the content library and add to the scene. They can move the objects around, change the color of the objects, the sizes, materials all by typing the descriptions. In addition users can also contribute objects to the database and share their experiences with community.

The Text-to-3D is powerful and intuitive, and it is also free. The technology behind Text-to-3D is BrainDistrict's patent-pending 3D modeling and rendering program, RaySupreme 3D, which serves as a development platform for text enabled objects and materials. The new approach allows anyone, from beginners to professionals, to easily create 3D scenes for fun, games, education and 3D printing.

Text-to-3D is currently available for Mac OS X and Windows 7/8 64-Bit operating systems. The desktop versions of Text-to-3D can render in unlimited resolution and quality. BrainDistrict says it will also be making the Text-to-3D service available for mobile, tablet and Television devices very soon.

"Everyone loves 3D, however to date, only a very small percentage of people are able to create 3D scenes and images. This is about to change; everyone will now have the power to create a 3D scene on his or her mobile, tablet or any device in a matter of minutes by simply typing text. Our goal is to give every English-speaking user complete freedom in his or her creativity. In addition to rendering cool 3D scenes, users will also be able to create games, and small movies using text and speech. This will change how we interact with 3D Graphics forever." Says BrainDistrict GmbH founder and CEO Markus Moenig.

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