May 13, 2014

Home based 3D printing is currently limited to printing plastics, but Canada-based Structur3d Printing is creating an add-on extruder to enable almost any desktop 3D printer to print a whole new range of paste-like materials.

Structur3D's Discov3ry extruder is an affordable, plug and play device which can easily be integrated with MakerBot, RepRap, Ultimaker and most other DIY 3D printers. This will enable makers to print a whole new range of materials, including silicone, polyurethane and icing sugar.

Photos below show the Discov3ry extruder prints silicone, icing sugar, wood filler, all in thick lines. According to Structur3D, they have also printed ceramic, clay and polyurethane. The printing tip is easily mountable. Only the print parameters will require some modification for different material.


icing sugar

wood filler

Some possible applications include:

  • Printing intricate cake decorations with icing sugar
  • Creating soluble supports and molds with icing sugar for more complex designs
  • Creating custom gaskets and o-rings with poly-urethane
  • Printing custom shoe in-soles with silicone
  • Flexible bracelets with silicone

Structur3D will be unveiling their Discov3ry extruder at the Bay Area Maker Faire this weekend. The Discov3ry extruder is expected to launch as a Kickstarter project on June 2nd, 2014. Pricing has not been finalized, Structur3D said, but they goal is to keep the price below $350.

Watch a video below showing a printer printing with black polyurethane:

To know more about Structur3d Printing and their soon to launch Discov3ry paste extruder, watch below videos of Alan Quarry's interview with Charles Mire and Andrew Finkle, founders of Structur3d Printing:

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John wrote at 5/14/2014 2:48:03 PM:

Thanks Ben. We agree that there are enough printers our there already and what's needed are more heads and other options for makers to actually do more stuff. If you'd like to stay updated as the project progresses, please visit our site and sign up to get updates. -John @

Ben wrote at 5/13/2014 10:41:06 PM:

I might have to buy this.... I'll support new print heads not the 3D systems mantra of "Buy a whole new machine!" Silicon molds and gaskets alone are really great. Sugar is just Icing on the cake. ;P hope it's below $350

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