May 20, 2014

Thailand company Minockio announced it has launched a special 3D printing service: 3D printed personalized cartoon figurine and is now looking for local and regional partners.

Creating a Minockio is very simple. Users can "play and create" their Minockio via a web-based customization interface. Similar as choosing your own character in a computer game, users can choose facial features, clothes, name and pose of their Minockio. Click 'Create', Minockio's program will generate a 3D model based on your selection.

Each Minockio is unique in its own way. You can design for yourself, your family and friends, even made-up cartoon characters. Minockio then uses 3D printing to bring your creation to life. Your Minockio is 3D printed on a Zprinter 650 which prints at 650x540 dpi resolution with superior 24 bit color and high throughput. The 3D printer produces accurate color models from the original design data in just some hours.

Loving to create personalized gifts, and inspired by 3D printing technologies, the team behind Minockio, Teerapat Mahasukhon, Chat Chatchaisucha and Kampol Leelaporn launched its flagship product: a 10-cm (4") tall Minockio at its home base in Bangkok, Thailand in March 2014.

Mahasukhon graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design, USA and worked as graphic designer before he joined the team. Chatchaisucha has a finance background, and Leelaporn was a technical artist with Visual Effect & Animation background.

"A big reason why we love our Minockio is that we know people will use our products to create happiness." said Mahasukhon. "When you receive a Minockio from someone, you know that person really meant to make it for you. It is not a pre-made commodity goods that becomes yours only at the point of sale. Your Minockio is made just for you, right from the start. Your Minockio comes with a meaning, and it's truly for you."

It takes in general 15 days for the company to print out your design. Once it is complete, your Minockio will be shipped directly to your home. A 4 inch Minockio costs Baht 4,500 ($140) free domestic shipping within Thailand. For international orders, the price is US$140 plus shipping. Minockio is running a launch promotion until June 30 - you can get your Minockio for just 3700 Baht ($114).

"We believe an end-consumer product like ours can greatly help bring 3D printing to a much wider audience. A lot of people still have never heard about this technology, and very few people have touched and held an actual 3D printed item in their hands," said Mahasukhon.

Check out the MINOCKIO Introduction video below:

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YoloSwagGhost3DMaster wrote at 5/21/2014 5:57:40 PM:

I could do this myself and come out cheaper. Buy me a nice 3D printer and some software. And print my own collection - and of course color them myself. If it's seriously 149 + shipping per short fig , FUCK that

anon wrote at 5/21/2014 4:12:18 AM:

ha ha ha $149 plus shipping ha ha ha. um why?

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