May 22, 2014

The Palmer United Party (PUP) in Queensland, Australia has introduced laws today to create a special licensing scheme for holding, distributing or making 3D printed firearms. PUP member Carl Judge said they also want to make it illegal to even publish schematics or detailed instructions online.

"It is now possible for digital 3D firearm technology to be applied in conjunction with an additive manufacturing process (i.e. 3D printing) to make a physical and operative firearm," the Bill's explanatory notes read.

"Technology advancements associated with the application of digital 3D models and 3D printers are increasing and cost inhibitors are reducing. Nowadays digital 3D model technology can be extensively applied."

Last year New South Wales Police warned the public against the use of 3D printed guns, pointing out that they are both dangerous and illegal. Commissioner Andrew Scipione revealed that he had attended a demonstration in a controlled environment in which a 3D-printed gun was fired. Since 3D printed guns do not have any of the safety standards, quality control or protection for the user, police warned people that a 3D-printed gun is very dangerous.

Australia has restrictive firearms laws, rifles and shotguns, as well as handguns are only legal within a narrow set of criteria. So anyone wishing to possess or use a firearm must have a Firearms Licence. Police warned everyone that producing a firearm using a 3D printer means you are committing two crimes: manufacturing a firearm and possession of an illegal firearm.

"Nowadays there are well founded and serious concerns that such firearms will infiltrate our community and this very real risk requires a timely and comprehensive response" Mr Judge said in a statement. "The Bill that I have introduced into parliament provides that response."


via The Australian

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zac wrote at 11/10/2014 6:31:16 PM:

How do they intend to enforce laws making it illegal to share cad files? No government on the planet has been able to stop file sharing, how do they intend to stop it here? It's insane to think they can stop people from making these weapons. about a $700 investment can produce handguns to outfit you and your family for life, from parts that are completely innocuous (thumbtacks and plastic filament).

John wrote at 5/26/2014 1:08:52 PM:

No. Now it's photo-op illegal. Much better.. Seriously.. all the places that have got excited about this plastic pop gun already had sufficient laws already in place to stop such things being legally carried, and in many cases, even made.

Bill wrote at 5/24/2014 1:03:43 AM:

Not sure what the logic here is, making a firearm without a armourer's license is already highly illegal so now it's double illegal?

lll wrote at 5/22/2014 11:37:58 PM:


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