May 27, 2014

David Graves and Greg Gruszecki, founder of OmniDynamics are going to launch Strooder, a truly consumer 3D printing filament extruder on Kickstarter today.

An advantage of making your own filament from pellets is that pellets can be bought at only a fraction of the cost of traditional pre-made filament (up to 5 times less expensive). In addition, an extruder would potentially offer some greater versatility in material and colour.

"The overall aim for Strooder was to create a product that not only performs better than anything else on the market, but that also has a design that fits in a multitude of environments ranging from workshops, to home offices and even schools." OmniDynamics told us. "A key difference of Strooder in comparison to other filament extruders, apart from its stunning looks, is its user friendliness."

The strooder will come with a fully integrated "2.4" touch screen display, preloaded with all the relevant extrusion settings for a variety of different plastics. This enables people without experience and technical background to operate Strooder easily. For the more experienced user, all of these preloaded settings can be adjusted and saved, and there is also a manual setting for extruding with non-preloaded materials.

To ensure the product was safe, the Strooder has been designed to be fully enclosed. The team has built it from the ground up to make it very easy to use. You just fill your hopper, select your material in the control screen and then press a start button. The hopper can take a full 1 litre of plastic. These pellets are then forced along a tube to be melted and pushed out through a die. Once strooded, it is cooled and formed into a solid filament fit for use in your 3D printer.

Furthermore, the Strooder will work with any filament 3D printer. You just need to order your Strooder with the nozzle to fit the size required by your 3D printer.

OmniDynamics team will launch the Kickstarter campaign for Strooder today (in few hours) in order to raise funds to purchase all the parts in bulk. It offers 10 complete and fully assembled Strooder with a taster 100g of pellets (UK shipping included) for just £149. Another 100 early backers can get a fully assembled Strooder for £169. Check out more info or back the project here on Kickstarter. The earliest delivery time is Sep. 2014.

But they won't stop there. The team wants to take the home extrusion to the next level. In the future, customer will be able to find the right colour and choose the right ratio mix using colour touch display. The Strooder would be able to extrude almost any plastic that melts in the range of Strooder such as PP, PET, HDPE, HIPS, PE. With an improved grinding mechanism you could also put failed prints back through the extruder.


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Jaybuildea wrote at 6/2/2014 3:12:38 AM:

Great but resolution should be very important

KHAN wrote at 5/28/2014 1:23:03 AM:

Its a great project but the tolerance of .1mm is quite big.

CNK wrote at 5/27/2014 11:45:51 PM:

I believe that in the extrusion industry they have a box of dye that they run the filament through as it leaves the extruder. Should be easy to replicate with an attachment for this thing.

Bri wrote at 5/27/2014 3:22:19 PM:

Yeahhhh, I'll pass on this one. The cost is outrageous and the internals make it look like an empty box.

Teknix wrote at 5/27/2014 9:17:45 AM:

Ok I was about to say, they should make it able to mix own colors of filament and also recycle plastic bottles etc. and they will. Awesome project.

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