Jun 6, 2014

Netherlands-based 3D Hubs has reached what they consider to be critical global mass, growing from 500 at launch time in August 2013 to over 5,000 3D Hubs locations worldwide in less than a year.

The company announced 3D Hubs is now in 80 countries and its printer network now provides 3D printer access to over 750 million people globally within 10 miles from their home.

3D Hubs and its community of makers are disrupting the manufacturing supply chain, making production local, on-demand and personalized by providing broad and local access to 3D printers. And this approach is in stark contrast to the typical supply chain method where masses of identical items are produced and shipped long distances only to have a large number of those items discarded.

"We are excited to alter the way people make and distribute products," says Bram de Zwart, CEO and co-founder. "Our goal is to turn the manufacturing industry on its head, and enhance our market position through increased speed and direct communication with a local 3D printer operator," adds Brian Garret, CTO and co-founder.

Consumers are now enabled to create models and unique products which require less than two days in comparison to the industry standard of two weeks. The multitude of locations offers choice and the distributed model of 3D Hubs enables everyone to start 3D printing.

What can you make on a 3D Hubs network? Examples of products recently produced on the 3D Hubs printer network include Go Pro camera housings, designer decorative 3D printable housewares by Francis Bitonti Studio, drones, and medical prostheses.

To demonstrate the power of the combined capacity of its network, the 3D Hubs printer network could collaboratively 3D print a life-size, 305 foot (93 meter) replica of the Statue of Liberty in less than one week, as shown below.

The company has recently introduced enterprise-grade API that connects creators and users of 3D content to its global network of 3D printers, and partnered with design software leader, Autodesk, Inc. to integrate the 3D Hubs network API for the Autodesk 123D family of apps.

The company has also grown from 2 to 12 team members and opened offices in Amsterdam, London and New York. Their mission is to make 3D printing accessible to everyone by unlocking the world's idle 3D printers, and to help people print 3D customized products locally every day.

Popular 3d Hubs Communities:

#1 Milan 396 makers, 90 printers
#2 New York 350 makers, 81 printers
#3 Amsterdam 1561 makers, 67 printers
#4 Los Angeles 294 makers, 65 printers
#5 Antwerp 537 makers, 61 printers
#6 London 394 makers, 59 printers
#7 Den Haag 325 makers, 59 printers
#8 Eindhoven 344 makers, 52 printers
#9 Utrecht 306 makers, 50 printers
#10 Paris 374 makers, 50 printers


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Christoph wrote at 6/6/2014 6:50:51 PM:

I'd like to tell you my 3d-clock-printing story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgZBPYJ2Y-w Hope you like it.

alvaro wrote at 6/6/2014 4:28:46 PM:

The 3D printers are a reality in our days !

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