June 17, 2014

3D Systems hosted an investor and analyst day last week and today they revealed more details of the projects they are working on for the second half of 2014:

More acquisitions and expansion

3D Systems recently completed a $300 million equity raise. Management plans to deploy proceeds to complete several acquisitions focusing on materials, medical and metal ("the 3 M's") and its ongoing Quickparts global expansion.

World's first digital bakery

3DS also unveiled plans to open the world's first digital bakery in Los Angeles this fall, which it believes will amplify awareness of its ChefJet 3D printer, along with new creative partnerships in the food and hospitality industries.

Broad based consumer adoption

3D Systems emphasized the importance of consumer adoption of new technology, and said many new consumer products were scheduled for release in the second half of 2014. In addition 3D Systems will partner with industry leaders like Staples, Mattel and Hershey's to market their products and customer solutions. 3D Systems will also discuss the strategic partnership with Deloitte to integrate 3D printing into operations, particularly around consumer experiences and hands-on education.

To extend leadership in healthcare

Healthcare solutions is 3DS' fastest growing area and management emphasized its plans to extend its leadership position in this attractive field. 3D Systems plans to invest and expand its virtual surgical planning capabilities, broaden its range of implants and surgical tools manufacturing and develop new personalized medical devices, such as the recently introduced Bespoke scoliosis brace.

Developing fab-grade, larger and faster 3D metal printer

3D Systems noted that the demand for its metals printers represents a significant near term growth opportunity. The company highlighted part density, purity and materials offerings as important differentiating factors in its printers.

3D Systems plans to introduce a fab-grade, larger and faster direct metals printer at Euromold 2014. The company said it sees its metals printers making major inroads into direct manufacturing, becoming standard equipment on factory floors.

"Given that additive manufacturing only accounts for 0.1% of the $10.5 trillion manufacturing market at present, the company sees an open-ended growth opportunity in its production-grade technology," 3D Systems stated.

Developing fab-grade, "racetrack" high speed 3D printer

In a recent video 3D Systems showcased its 3D printing speeds that are already rivaling injection molding in many applications. The company plans to continue to double print speeds of its current print engines approximately every 18 months. 3D Systems plans to showcase as next generation general-purpose production platform at Euromold 2014. This fab-grade, "racetrack" 3D printer which is currently under development will enables continuous printing of higher functionality polymers at speeds 50x faster than all existing jetting technology, according to the company.

With the acquisition of Medical Modeling and the imminent closing of the acquisition of 70% of Robtec, the company raised revenue guidance by $15 million, expecting 2014 revenue to be in the range of $695 million to $735 million. The company expected 2015 revenue to reach $1 billion by the end of 2015, driven by at least 30% organic growth. Management also expected that gross profit margins will continue to expand, reaching 55% to 60%.


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hellenicopter wrote at 6/19/2014 7:34:46 AM:

Moore's law in 3D Printing? Interesting!

Hans Fouche wrote at 6/17/2014 6:47:32 PM:

Do I miss something here? 20 Printers in parallel, vs 20 printers in series? Isn't that the same? Hans Fouche

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