June 17, 2014

When 3D Systems announced that will.i.am, the Black Eyed Peas rapper joined 3DS as its Chief Creative Officer last January at CES, will.i.am teased a printer that could print parts out of recycled plastic. Today 3D Systems has announced that they will team up with will.i.am and The Coca-Cola Company to launch the EKOCYCLE Cube, a consumer 3D printer that uses filament made in part from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

Each EKOCYCLE cartridge is made in part from post-consumer recycled 20oz PET plastic bottles. New to home 3D printing, rPET is a flexible filament material that retains full durability. Each EKOCYCLE Cartridge will consists of 3 used Coca bottles, this means 25% of the filament is made from recycled plastic. Cartridges for the EKOCYCLE Cube are available in a curated color palette of red, black, white and natural. The price for the filament is not available yet.

The EKOCYCLE Cube 3D printer is priced at $1,199, and come with a free collection of 25 fashion, music and tech minded accessories, curated by will.i.am. The main difference is that the later will only print in filament partly comprised of recycled plastic bottles.

The EKOCYCLE Cube 3D printer features 70-micron high resolution at fast speeds and up to 6" cubed in size, with fine supports for complex prints and a choice of easy auto settings such as auto-leveling. It has two extruders and equipped with faster Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

"The EKOCYCLE is not just another tool for making, it is a revolutionary tool for RE-making, and encourages and helps us to change the way we think about recycling." notes 3D Systems.

As explained by 3DS' Chief Creative Officer will.i.am, the goal of EKOCYCLE is to "partner with the most influential brands around the world and use technology, art, style and inspiration to change an entire culture. We will make it cool to recycle, and we will make it cool to make products using recycled materials. This is the beginning of a more sustainable 3D-printed lifestyle. Waste is only waste if we waste it."

EKOCYCLE Cube printers are expected to start shipping during the second half of 2014.

Check out the video below that will.i.am introduces the EKOCYCLE Cube 3D printer.

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eco 3d printer wrote at 6/21/2014 12:57:11 PM:

MARKETING ... only 25% of the truth.. Shame on you 3DS "Each EKOCYCLE Cartridge will consists of 3 used Coca bottles, this means 25% of the filament is made from recycled plastic "

DonaldJ wrote at 6/17/2014 4:25:53 PM:

I calculate each cartridge will have about 12 oz. of filament. Not much.

duh wrote at 6/17/2014 2:59:55 PM:

He looks like Mr Eko from Lost!

Sum-Ting Wong wrote at 6/17/2014 7:53:41 AM:

Knowing 3DSystems, it's probably $150 per kilogram. Pass.

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