June 26, 2014

In 2012, Choc Edge Ltd, a spin-off company from the University of Exeter, UK founded by Dr Liang Hao, launched Choc Creator, the world first commercial 3D chocolate printer that allows sweet lovers to print their own custom-made 3D treats, layer by layer.

The Choc Creator V1, which was available to buy for £2,888, allows the creation of complex and artistic designs. The Choc Creator was billed as a "simple, yet versatile desktop 3D chocolate printer." In collabration with its Chinese partner, Choc Edge has officially released the second version of Choc Creator in Chinese market.

Same as the Choc Creator V1, the V2 utilizes an easy-to-use syringe based chocolate deposition head which allows users to rapidly install and remove syringe head units. The design enables users to refill the syringe with fresh chocolate (brown, dark, white, red, blue, etc.) within 10 minutes.

The Choc Creator V2 has a compact three dimensional motion platform, and every step is computerised to offer repeatability without errors. Miao Shuai of Choc Edge China partner told 3ders.org that the main difference between the Choc Creator V1 and the V2 is a new automatic temperature control system, ensuring a better flow in the printing process. The Choc Creator V2 also features a closed compartment which can help to keep the temperatures constant.

The Choc Creator V2 is designed to print accurate chocolate line tracks from 0.45 mm to 1.3 mm - much finer and more precise than its previous version. Your design can be rapidly sent to the printer via USB connection and printed directly onto various substrates such as on other chocolates, cakes, biscuits, dishes, paper for chocolate decoration.

Technical Specifications:

  • Build Envelope: 175(X)mm x 175(Y)mm x 65(Z)mm
  • Maximum Linear Speed: 2000mm/min
  • Printing Head: The deposition process is precisely controlled using a stepper motor to extrude chocolate out of a 10ml syringe. High Precision printing nozzle is used for fine printing (approx. 0.5mm to 1.5mm track depending on print setting). A melting pot, two sets of printing head consumables (2 syringes and 2 nozzles) will be supplied.
  • File Format: Accepts STL files (standard 3d printing file) and G-code (standard SNC machining language).
  • Software: This printer is controlled using open source software.

The Choc Creator V2 was displayed at the 2014 World 3D Printing Technology Industry Conference and Exhibition held in China and attracted a lot of attention from visitors. According to Miao, the Choc creator V2 3D printer is now starting taking pre-order. The delivery will be 1~1.5 month after receiving the deposit. The market price is RMB38,800 (USD6,226, EUR4,566, GBP3,665).

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jc wrote at 7/18/2014 3:04:34 AM:

A 3d chocolate printer which barely has any Z depth for that much money???

CNK wrote at 6/28/2014 2:01:44 AM:

Shame it isn't Open Source, that syringe holder looks very 3D printable.

Arquit wrote at 6/26/2014 9:04:19 AM:

"World's first" and "version 2" don't have very much sense together...

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