July 9, 2014

Simplify3D Software is commercial 3D printing software that has been in the market almost 2 years. Simplify3D replaces the Repetier-Host and Slic3r packages and allows importing of different files, scaling a model up or down, repairing the model code, creating Gcode and starting the actual print.  

Simplify3D incorporates very fast slicing algorithms that quickly creates clean Gcodes of even the most complex models. The animated print previewer shows how the model would be printed layer by layer. This allows fixing or improving the model before starting the actual print.

The software also supports dual extruders and multi model printing. The latter option allows the placement of a number of models simultaneously on the print bed, each with its own set of print parameters. The user has complete control where and how much support material is being used. This reduces the print time and material used. Parameters can even be changed within a model allowing to change the fill density to make some parts stronger. Moreover, the layer height can be varied within the model and the print speed and temperature is adjustable.

"We printed two test bunnies on the NEO, one using Repetier-Host and Slic3r, the other with Simplify3D (see photo below)." notes German RepRap. "For example the ears of the bunny turned out much more ragged using the Slic3r software. The Simplify3D version looks a lot cleaner overall."


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your mama wrote at 8/18/2015 3:49:59 PM:


Batman wrote at 6/24/2015 2:48:25 AM:

I would never put 140 obamas in a software without try it first. How can I see the value without try?

Your mum wrote at 11/23/2014 7:11:30 PM:

Would be very easy for the developer to add a trial mode... Just have an internal counter for the g-code generator limited to 3-5 "generations". The remainder of the software can be left unlimited, for users to use... They dont even need to create a separate program... Their next patch could make it a fully functional program from the install, and simply limit you via the registry to 3-5 prints.. simples

TimG wrote at 9/20/2014 1:24:36 AM:

Agree. I looks interesting, but I don't want to spend $140 without trying it out first.

junkman wrote at 7/11/2014 3:17:52 AM:

its pretty good, limits to two installs, but you can uninstall and reinstall on another machine. about 40 printers listed at the moment, all the typical, i have it working with a makerbot clone and it is waaaaay better then replicator G. i think its worth the 140.. my .02 in this case

tomas wrote at 7/10/2014 9:22:15 AM:

@Jon S Also a cracked version of their software on torrent websites. They could at least release some demo version which doesn't provide gcode but just shows the tool path instead.

Jon S wrote at 7/9/2014 5:42:24 PM:

The problem with Simplify3D is it's $140 with no trial version. Personally, I'd like to try it first, in part to see if I can correctly configure it to work with my particular printer before paying for it. A colleague says the same thing. If they had a trial version, they'd probably see an increase in sales.

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