July 9, 2014

Cobblebot is a low cost large build area consumer 3D printer. It has one of the largest print areas of any consumer 3D printer available, that allows you to print objects up to 15" x 15" x 15" (381 x 381 x 381 mm). Cobblebot features layer thickness of 50-350 micron, fast print speeds (150mm - 250mm / sec), and a stationary print area. Cobblebot was designed in a unique way in that all of its axes are connected. The "Z" Axis holds the "X" Axis and the "X" axis holds the "Y" axis. The metal hot-end allows you to print a variety of materials, such as ABS, PLA, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Flexible Filament, LayWood, PVA, HDPE.

Cobblebot also includes large 6" LCD's, SD Card slot, and comes with 76 Oz. Nema 17 Stepper Motor (x5) and 12V 30A Power Supply. In addition, you can also customize the color scheme of your Cobblebot, adding colors to aluminum extrusions, and plates, brackets, connectors, wheels pulleys etc (everything you see in red on their prototypes).


Build/Print Dimensions: 15" x 15" x 15" (381mm x 381mm x 381mm) (3,375 cubic inches)

Layer Height: 50-350 micron

Print Speed: 150mm - 250mm / Sec

Weight: roughly 17 lb (7.7 kg).

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Connections: USB & SD Card.

Materials supported: ABS, PLA, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Flexible Filament, LayWood, PVA, HDPE.

Hotend: All Metal.

Nozzle Size: .35mm, .4mm (recommended), or .5mm;

User chooses Filament Size: 1.75mm or 3.0mm

Power Supply: 12V 30A

Electronics: Ramps 1.4 & Arduino MEGA 2560 (Most supported and widely used 3D printer boards)

Stepper Drivers: A4988 (Default - Allows 1/16 stepping)

Physical Dimensions: 24" x 20" x 20" (609mm x 508mm x 508mm)

Cobblebot is now raising funds on Kickstarter in order to get the cost down to $299. The prototypes of Cobblebot cost $1,000+ to build but the Cobblebot team expects the bulk orders can get them lower price from their suppliers. Cobblebot is currently offering Super Early Bird Adopters the fully assembled and calibrated Cobblebot for $299 only, with color of your choice. The earliest delivery time is October 2014. Check out more info here on Kickstarter.


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shaun l wrote at 1/14/2015 6:25:54 PM:

have they ever delivered a machine?? ever??

Earl Mundt wrote at 11/24/2014 9:09:11 PM:

Do you have units available? How can I get in contact with you? Looking for a work size of 15*15* Do you have a phone # ? Or call me a @ 251 968 6635 E-Mail earlmundt@gmail.com Need info by Tuesday Earl Mundt

Tom wrote at 8/21/2014 12:07:48 AM:

Your all right to be sceptical, however none of you KNOW if this is a scam or a well built machine. Unless your a developer with Cobblebot you won't have tested it and I would rather have video showing a poorer yet realistic print than showing a print that's been removed finished and put back on the bed like other printer "demo" video makers have done in the past. As fr it being a cheap price that may be due to a very effective business arm of the company and i suspect a cleaver marketing arm as well. Don't jump to conclusions people, you may be correct or you may be very wrong but you WILL have to wait to find out what the backers who actually use the printer say to find out.

mike wrote at 7/24/2014 7:52:52 PM:

they cant even show a real time video of it printing. who knows if this thing even works

3dbleh wrote at 7/15/2014 2:14:20 PM:

@James: Priceless. You said "it's probably not a scam." High expectations for this KS. HAHA!!! :) Reading some of the recent comments, the typical backer has NO IDEA what the hell they are buying. Price is the motivating factor WTF makes a Giant Cantalever X/Y? It may work for a tiny X/Y stage like Printrbot Simple, but on a big printer? If it worked, the Reprap community would have tons of printers based on this. Also, if QUBD sold a ton of those Take-One and Take-Twos at a similar price and are failing to deliver, how is this start up going to ship a giant printer and even be close to covering their costs? I foresee many things going wrong with this one.

Jack wrote at 7/15/2014 5:51:18 AM:

If they manage to just sell the rest of the $299 ones, they wont reach a million. If they manage to sell everything they will only get to around 1.6 million, so how do they plan on reaching 2.5 as a stretch goal?

James wrote at 7/14/2014 6:27:04 PM:

@Tobias: The creator said he's designing a new extruder to manage feeding the filament sideways. This could potentially take up more time than expected, though.

James wrote at 7/14/2014 5:06:05 PM:

UPDATE: They added a video to their main page @ http://kck.st/1qTC8NO! There are still some concerns the community has (I myself was a little skeptical), but this at least shows that it's probably not a scam.

BreeCheese wrote at 7/11/2014 2:38:33 PM:

This printer, with a more common design, looks to be a much better printer overall. http://www.3ders.org//articles/20140710-craftbot-3d-printer-launches-on-indiegogo.html Cobblebot seems to have a lot of backers that are unclear about what they bought. Seems more like a money grab than anything. Would not be surprised if there are a lot of disappointed buyers.

SWynn wrote at 7/10/2014 1:10:52 PM:

I can't believe that there are still enough people on Kickstarter who think this is going to be a viable 3d printer. There are comments already asking how the price is even possible and people are still stupid enough to back this project. People are better off spending money on a known working Reprap design.

3dbleh wrote at 7/10/2014 5:10:06 AM:

Cobblepot is sure to go down as one of the biggest flops on Kickstarter. The entire design is COMPLETE RUBBISH!!!! A new group of suckers born every minute.

Tobias wrote at 7/9/2014 6:02:57 PM:

How the hell will they feed the Filament? The Y-Axis moves below the X-Axis. I'm currently working on a similar Bot and i can say for sure that feeding the Filament sidewards wont work very well.

DJH wrote at 7/9/2014 3:49:39 PM:

Sigh... another day, another 3d printer on Kickstarter.

Feign wrote at 7/9/2014 3:04:22 PM:

According to their own timeline: August: finish design, make injection molds, lease production space September: start of part production I feel like someone actually has said "How hard can it be?" here and nobody had an hones tand informed answer for them.

Bryan wrote at 7/9/2014 1:20:38 PM:

"Cobblebot is a professional quality, reliable, and consistent 3D printer." these words is from their campaign, really I don't know if these guys know what is mean the word "QUALITY"... prints look very poor, even this printer looks a very non professional made machine... Next poor 3d printer on the kickstarter, I hope that they never stretch the goal...

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