July 9, 2014

UK based engineer Richard Horne has launched two new 3D Delta printers on Tuesday that he has been working on over the last 6 months: 3DRnano is a portable Delta 3D Printer and the 3DRMega is an impressive 1.80m Delta printer.

"3DR was my attempt to try and keep Delta printers using 3D printed parts, and take more of a RepRap approach instead of the trend in machining everything for 'professional' results. " notes Horne.

3DRnano uses small parts such as tiny LM4UU bearings and 4mm rod to keep it portable. It has the j-head as a light-weight hot-end. Basically it is a scale-down model from normal 3D Delta printer. It is designed to be battery and/or solar powered, light and all the 3D printed part to fit on a 200mm x 200mm bed. The build height is around 160 mm. Most parts are 3D printed, the rest are tiny.

The 3DRmega stands around 1.8M tall and is a BIG printer with bigger motors, drivers, electronics, rods and frame, printed parts and print head.

  • Bigger Motors - NEMA 23's
  • Bigger Drivers - Dedicated 3A 128microstep (prototype used normal Ramps and drivers)
  • Bigger Electronics - The great ARM based Smoothie board is being used for the (new) prototype.
  • Bigger Rods and Frame (10mm Rods and 30mm Aluminium box-section)
  • Bigger Printed parts - most parts are 100+mm is size (total printed parts weight is just under 2KG)
  • Bigger Print head / multiple / materials / feeds etc.

The 3D printed frame parts used around 2Kg of filament and they also designed to minimize warp and maximise adhesion to the build platform. It uses LM10UU Linear bearings and are running on 10mm smooth stainless steel rods. The arms are made from carbon fiber tent poles and have an all metal universal ball joint fitted to each end. This allows the center carriage to move in any direction as each arm moves up and down. Similar to 3DRnano, the motors are mounted at the top, which allow more freedom for the design and flexibility of printing on almost any surface.

Horne has posted design details on his website, and design files of 3DRnano and 3DRmega will be uploaded on Youmagine soon.

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Deltall 3D wrote at 12/16/2015 3:45:26 PM:

Thanks for making people jealous. Nice work! Been thinking lately about making a telephone booth looking giant printer, or a robotic arm version might be better. Be nice to see DIY steps to walkthrough with cheapest build of materials shopping list for making 3d printers than just fit through a doorframe. Steps, walkthrough, doorframe.

John wrote at 3/23/2015 6:41:53 PM:

Do you plan to sell your printers? I will need several thousand unit. The printers must interface with a high resolution scanner. Can you supply both. Do you own a telephone? Does it work? upedesign@gmail

John wrote at 3/23/2015 6:40:01 PM:

Do you plan to sell your printers? I will need several thousand unit. The printers must interface with a high resolution scanner. Can you supply both. upedesign@gmail

chris420 wrote at 2/5/2015 3:05:00 AM:

Wow! That is a beautiful printer. Very nice job!

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