July 18, 2014

About a year ago Spanish 3D printer RepRapBCN met Richard Horne, better known as RichRap, at the TCT Birmingham fair. Not only a great friendship was forged back then. The meeting also laid the groundwork for a future collaboration with one of the most recognizable experts of the RepRap world. Now, the project has already borne its fruits and is ready to introduce to the open public its latest innovation, the new BCN3DR printer.

The new BCN3DR printer is a Delta type RepRap printer that is reliable, accurate and simple. The printer is the younger sister (in size and portability) of the BCN3D+. Based on RichRap's 3D printer design, this model is faster than their predecessors when it comes to producing pieces. BCN3DR is capable of moving at 500mm/s thanks to the low inertia of its head and its parallel structure.

It has other advantages such as ease of assembly and, because of its reduced weight (less of 8 kg) and lower volume, an expanded capacity of movement.

Basic specifications of the BCN3DR:

  • Dimensions of Ø 180mm and 180mm of height
  • LCD screen control and autonomous printing
  • Hotend Full Metal BCNozzle with nozzle 4 mm and extruder type Bowden
  • Anodized aluminum outlines
  • Printing with PLA
  • Optical career ends

After nine months of development and hard work, the BCN3DR will be presented at the biggest event of 3D printing in Spain, the Zaragoza Maker Show 2014, which starts Thursday on 17th of July at the capital of Aragon.

The first units of the BCN3DR will come to the market as a kit and will be ready to be delivered to the users around October 15th. The BCN3DR 3D printer kit is priced at 660 € (890 $). The specific design of this next-generation model will be released before Christmas, when the entire project is properly documented.

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Konrad44 wrote at 7/26/2014 7:12:24 PM:

Cool - can you show final printout quality? Also - these are standard NEMA17 motors and their torque goes down dramatically as speed increases. Sometimes, when plastic warps head hits a small bump and at these can loose some steps when motors do not have enough torque. Do you have enough torque at 400mm/s for such events?

xyz wrote at 7/20/2014 8:49:58 AM:

The print quality seems to suffer...

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