Aug. 1, 2014

3D Group, an emerging marketer of 3D printing systems and services, is seeking a presence on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) by early December.

On the 28th of July 2014, ASX-listed Western Australian brewing company Oz Brewing signed an agreement to acquire Privately owned 3D Group for more than 1.4 billion Oz Brewing shares, plus 750 million options.

AAP reports that managing director of 3D Group Frank Pertile describes the deal as a "reverse takeover".

If the transaction complete, Oz Brewing would change its activities from brewing and distribution of beer to 3D printing. The brewer's directors would be replaced by those selected by 3D Group.

3D Group is a new player in the market but it wants to become Australia's leading integrated multi-platform 3D printing company.

3D Group has designed and manufactured the largest fused filament fabrication ("FFF") printer on the market in Melbourne, Australia. At this year's Melbourne Expo, 3D Group showcased this 2 cubic metre printers. It has four extruders and you can also expand it to six extruders. The printer can be modified to suit the end users requirements, and it is priced around AU$90,000.


  • Weight: 500kg approximately.
  • Height: 1970mm plus filament feeder (600mm max)
  • Width: 1880mm
  • Depth: 2180mm
  • Max print volume: 2m3
  • Max print speed: 150mm/sec (dependant on material printed)
  • Accuracy: 0.025mm in the x & y axis 0.003 mm in the Z axis
  • Layer height: 0.15mm to 1mm

3DG is also developing a number off complementary lines of business and services. These will include further development of industrial grade multi application printers, a print bureau service, an online 3D print file market place, an at school education initiative and a retail kiosk concept where consumers can have themselves or objects scanned and have a three-dimensional likeness printed.

"From an Australian perspective there's been a dearth of tech investment opportunities for Australian investors for quite some time," Mr Pertile told AAP.

Images credit: 3D Group

3D Group recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Graphite miner Kibaran Resources to investigate opportunities for the application of graphite and graphene in the fast growing 3D printing market.

"If something can be developed that does marry 3D print technology with graphene, then it will definitely be a game-changer in terms of building things like electrical devices," he said. "The prospects and potential of the incorporation of graphene into the existing devices and technologies is enormous."

3DG expects its revenue streams in the short term to come from the manufacture and sale of large print
envelope printers as well as from print bureau services. Longer term, 3DG expects its retail kiosk concept to positively contribute to revenues.

Mr Pertile said 3D Group also wants to get 3D printers into primary schools around Australia for approved curriculum programs, so that children can have the skills for jobs of the future.

Since the announcement, shares in Oz Brewing were 0.003 cents higher at 0.010 cents as of writing, with more than 61 million shares changing hands.

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Dtuerk wrote at 8/1/2014 2:21:41 PM:

At 150mm/s that would be one long print!

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