Aug. 2, 2014

For almost two years, QwikFab, a start up in Singapore has been working on the development of a commercial 3D printer to fulfilling a gap in the 3D printing industry. On 19 July 2014, QwikFab announced the Beast, a large format 3D printer designed for prosumers and small and medium businesses.

Built in Singapore, the Beast has a massive build volume of 300mm x 300mm x 600mm and features two dual-pinch extruders. Dual-pinch extruders maximize grip and driving force for fast extrusion, retraction and accurate printing. Most large format 3D printers at this category do not have two extruders or the build volume is greatly diminished by the use of two extruders.

The Beast uses 1/128 microstep that provides whisper quiet movements, smoother mechanical actuation and higher achievable resolution, compared to the 1/32 microstepping of conventional 3D printer. The Beast achieves printing speeds of up to 400mm/s.

The Beast also uses industrial grade belt driven linear guides for high-quality motion. The framework of the Beast is made of 4040 aluminum profiles to maintain structural rigidity. The Beast's quick-release build platform ensures high productivity and minimizes downtime from one job to the next.

The company has also developed an innovative methods of cable management that allows for maximised use of space. Every Beast comes with Simplify3D Software, which allows you to import and manipulate geometry, repair models, generate G-Code instructions, verify toolpaths, manually control your machine.

According to Steve Kumar, founder of QwikFab, "With the Beast, small and medium businesses are able to justify the cost of 3D printing with its real benefits in project development and if that isn't enough, substantiate the purchase with the Beast's high return on investment." Early backers or adopters for the Beast will be able to order for 8000 USD.


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