Aug. 8, 2014

Aleph Objects Inc., the makers of the Lulzbot 3D printers, released KITTAZ, a kit version of its TAZ 4 3D printer.

Aleph Objects releases LulzBot TAZ 4 3D printer back in May. TAZ 4 boasts a spacious 11.7in x 10.8in x 9.8in print area with a controllable heat bed that can print large items, or many small items at once. But the TAZ 4 is priced at $2,194.95, for those who love to take projects into their own hands but can't afford the TAZ 4, Aleph Objects is offering now the full bill of materials required to build your own LulzBot TAZ.

The KITTAZ comes with digital KITTAZ operating manual including operating, printing, and troubleshooting information. It also includes all components with clear labeling and separated packaging, as well as pictorial assembly instructions for streamlined assembly.

Once built, users will also have the option to upgrade parts that don't come standard, such as the LCD controller and components or the fully assembled electronics case with components for a second extruder. You can also upgrade to other TAZ accessories, like the Flexystruder, allowing a wide range of printing material options.

The best part is that the KITTAZ is only $1,595, meaning you can save $400 on a LulzBot TAZ 3 3D printer.

Check the KITTAZ vs. TAZ comparison table below.

Print Surface: Heated Borosilicate glass bed covered with PET film
Print Area: 298mm x 275mm x 250mm (11.7in x 10.8in x 9.8in)
Print Volume: 20,500cm3 (1238 in3) of usable space
Top Print Speed: 200mm/sec (7.9in/sec)
Print Tolerance: 0.1mm (0.0039in) in X and Y axes. Z axis is dependent on layer thickness
Layer Thickness: 0.075mm to 0.35mm (0.003in - 0.0138in)
Supported Materials: ABS, PLA, HIPS, PVA, and wood filaments
Usable Filament Sizes: standard 3mm (0.1in)

Physical Dimensions
Overall Dimensions: 680mm x 520mm x 515mm (26.8in x 20.5in x 20.3in)
Weight: 11kg (24.25lbs)

Power Requirements: 100 - 240 VAC
Temperature: Maximum operating temperature (Extruder), 240C (464F)
Temperature: Maximum operating temperature (Heated Bed), 120C (248F)

Tools required, but not provided, for assembly:

Regular Screw Driver
Phillips Screw Driver
Side Cutters
1.27 mm Hex Driver
1.5 mm Hex Driver
2.5 mm Hex Driver
3 mm Hex Driver
4 mm Hex Driver
5.5 mm Socket/Rachet/wrench
3/16" Socket
13mm Wrench

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