Aug. 9, 2014

Anyone who works with digital animation and 3D arts knows it is a time consuming process to find the right ready-made 3D models online. A large number of websites are offering many free 3D models online, but how to find them and where to look is always a difficult task. But Yobi3D is here to help you to save your time on your project.

Yobi3D is a 3D search engine service that helps you quickly find 3D models on the internet. It also provides a 3D preview interface for you to see the models right on your WebGL enabled browsers. By entering a search keyword, Yobi3D displays a grid view of 3D models it sourced it online. Basically Yobi3D is the Google for 3D printable content. Here's a search for "robot":

All the objects are zoomable and rotatable in the browser. Jessy Lee, the search engine's founder and CEO, promises that the engine will crawl more 3D models from around the web as it is growing really fast. "I was really amazed with how mature web browsers have become in rendering 3D graphics." Lee says, "We are still developing our technology and finding more potential users."

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TK wrote at 8/9/2014 6:22:28 PM:

I don't see how this search engine even works... I typed in "nerd" as a search term and get back 'dog dumbell' as a 3d model... IE It seems to simply be returning anything it crawled w/ a file ending or valid file format regardless of file name or geometry properties... I bet at this stage one could write 1994 csh/perl script to crawl for files and present to web viewers... They could at least allow filters on file format, model properties, etc. Heck, offer the 'feel lucky' link to return most recent/popular model match.

fantasygraph wrote at 8/9/2014 3:38:16 PM:

'Google for 3D printable content' ... not really.. as 95% of the models are not 3d printer friendly... it's a google for 3d models... not 3d 'printable' models.. yeggi is better

Mark Hedtke founder Hedtke Institute wrote at 8/9/2014 12:47:26 PM:

As this content matures, count on Google to snatch this up!!

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