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The creative possibilities held by 3D printing technology are again demonstrated by a very cool camera tripod designed and printed by a fan in his very own home. As can be seen in the pictures below, fan Yun Cheng created a perfectly usable camera tripod designed for a Canon EOS 7D + 24-105 F4 L, with original timing shutter and EX430 Flash. And its flashy design and paint job will remind many anime fans of the franchise Gundam, which has spawned many series and movies since 1979. More astute fans might even immediately recognise the tripod's resemblance to the Neo Zeong Mobile Suit from the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Series that was released earlier this year.

Designing the tripod only took the creator one or two days, but the printing process did apparently cause some difficulties as each component took far longer to print than normal pieces. Working with just one 3D printer, printing a single component took more than eight hours, forcing Yun Cheng to leave the machine working throughout the night.

Most of the different parts were printed with a layer thickness of 0.2 mm and with a low density infill, while the parts that needed to be reinforced were printed with a layer thickness of 0.15 mm with a high density infill. In total, the Neo Zeong camera tripod consumed some 1.9 kilograms of plastic. It was originally printed in black, and the cool red paint job that completes it was added afterwards. Unsurprisingly, a reinforced structure was also needed to support the weight of the camera and all the accessories, and this was made of of 6061 aluminum rods.

The exact specifications are:

Propeller: Diameter 12cm, height 61cm
Tripod Form: height 51cm, footprint 45cm²
Body Weight: 1.6kg Net
Maximum load weight 2.4kg

Yun Cheng explained that he wanted to play around with the possibilities of 3D printing and create something uncommon. And why not then pay homage to the very cool and most powerful Mobile Suit of the newest Gundam series? His first ideas included making a vase or a piggy bank, before deciding on the ambitious tripod that could challenge his skills. Along with this awesome creation, he also made a lens cover and a solar cap in the same Neo Zeong style.

The result is this beautiful very cool tripod that is actually usable: not only can the design easily support the weight of the camera, but the tripod can also be folded up for transportation. Like other fans of the Gundam franchise, we can now only help but wonder: when 3D printing be capable of making actual Mobile Suits?


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