Aug. 27, 2014

Not satisfied with the small sized 3D prints you could make on existing desktop 3D printers? Milan based Italian 3D printer manufacturer Sharebot Srl today announced that it will launch its new XXL desktop 3D printer, with the largest horizontal build size in its class.

Established in Nibionno in 2011, Sharebot is a young startup but its Sharebot NG (Next Generation) is currently the top selling Italian made desktop 3D printer, according to the company.

Based on Sharebot's tested FFF technology, Sharebot XXL features a huge 36,000 cc build volume, with a rectangular build plate measuring 80 cm in length x 20 cm in width (31,5" x 8"), and a 20 cm (8") extension on the Z axis. (Printing area: 80x20x20cm.)

"Following the enthusiastic response the XXL prototype received over the course of last year, Sharebot built a final, commercial version of the XXL to address the needs of professionals in the field of architecture, engineering and for the production of full size billboards, signboards and logos." said the company.

The system comes with a single extruder and is optimized for biodegradable, highly versatile PLA filament. Sharebot will present this new printer at the 3Dprintshow in London next week. Sharebot's XXL will be available to order in the last quarter of 2014.


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Nick wrote at 8/28/2014 6:24:40 PM:

I recognize the reason they would take advantage of all of their existing hardware but the X axis rods are the longest and they aren't static. You typically want the longest rods to be the static rods and have the shortest rods move. From the looks of it this will make the max acceleration for the x direction much much greater than the max acceleration for the y direction. However, I am sure it can still print just fine. Other than that, I would worry about the platform side to side level getting out of whack all the time. I hope they have two limit switches and the electronics or firmware to zero the sides separately. The half sized version of this cost $2000 which is Makerbot high for a 200mm cube build volume. I can only assume this would cost a little less than $4000.

Woodencase wrote at 8/28/2014 4:00:39 PM:

Their smaller equivalent is about 1500 euros, about 2000 usd. Price should be around 3500-4000 since there are not that many big printers. As for speed, the website indicate 150 cm^3/h. 41.7 mm^3 /s. Printing a 0.4mm layer x 1 mm width gives a maximum speed of about 105 mm/s. For big prints like these, you want to print large layers ;)

Hendrik wrote at 8/27/2014 6:41:23 PM:

Very useful build format. But nothing on quality / resolution or price? Hendrik

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