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The Warsaw-based MonkeyFab, one of the leading producers of 3D printers in Poland and founder of the first Polish 3D printing community, are commemorating the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 with their own special creation. They have recently scanned and 3D printed a copy of the Mały Powstaniec statue ('The Little Insurgent') that can be found in Warsaw's old town centre.

As can be seen in the photograph above, the statue depicts a young Polish Boy dressed in military garb that is a few sizes too large for him. It reputedly depicts a child soldier known as 'Antek', who was killed during the uprising. Though designed in 1946 by Jerzy Jarnuszkiewicz, the statue was only unveiled in 1983 by Professor Jerzy Świderski, and commemorates the many Polish children who fought and died in 1944.

The Warsaw Uprising, one of the largest resistance operations of the Second World War, lasted for over two months and began seventy years ago, on the first of August, 1944. It intended to free the city from yoke of the crumbling German army, that was being pushed back out of Soviet Russia. Unfortunately, the rebellion was crushed after two months of fierce combat, that left over 20,000 Polish resistance members and some 200,000 civilians dead and destroyed up to 85% of the city.

The Warsaw brothers behind this special commemorative creation, Piotr and Paweł Twardo, explained on the MonkeyFab website that this statue is one of the most enduring symbols of that bloody conflict: 'For many of us this statue reminds us of all the times when children visited their grandparents and listened in silence listening to the stories of the uprising. It's a symbol of what every Pole has in his heart.'

So on one afternoon, the Twardo brothers quickly scanned and photographed the important statue with their DLP-based 3D scanner, and they are considering to make a model of the Little Insurgent available on Thingiverse.

Of Course, this model also allows the team behind MonkeyFab to show off the flagship 3D printer that was used to print it: the Prime3D, and FDM printer reminiscent of the Prusa i3. This RepRap-based 3D printer is almost entirely constructed with parts from the Warsaw area – except the motors and PCBs. The machine is sold as a self-assembly kit and can print in a variety of materials, including PLA, ABS, TPE, HIPS, and PVA. For more on this model, check out the MonkeyFab website.

The exact specifications of the Prime3D DIY Kit are:

• 3D printing technology - FDM
• materials for printing -3mm PLA, ABS, TPE, HIPS, PVA, LayWood, LayBrick
• layer thickness - 0.1 mm
• print area - 200 x 200 x 180 mm
• connection – USB, SD
• software - Opensource, Marlin, Kisslicer, RepetierHost
• heated bed - YES (XT version)
• print from SD card standard - YES (version XT / 3D + LCD)
• LCD panel - YES (version XT / 3D + LCD)
• thermal protection against damage to the heating elements - NOT
• protecting the electronics against accidental damage - YES
• nozzle diameter - 0.4 mm
• electronics - Rumba board
• engine and holding torque - Nema17, 0.4nm
• printer supply voltage - 24V
• power consumption of the printer - 120 / 220W

PRIME 3D DIY Kit - gross price 3D printers: 2 990,00 PLN / 710 €
PRIME 3D + LCD DIY Kit - gross price 3D printers: 3 190,00 PLN / 760 €
PRIME XT DIY Kit - gross price 3D printers: 3 690,00 PLN / 880 €


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mat taylor wrote at 8/25/2015 12:29:02 PM:

do they have a copy of the model file anywhere? I'd love to print one myself one day.

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