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Anyone looking for a new and accessible 3D printing project, should definitely check out the Rhinobot. Unlike other do-it-yourself R/C cars, this sturdy and cool little robot moves around with tracks – rather than wheels – making it an original project for anyone looking to mess around with his printer. Moreover, it comes with a front shield, giving it a distinct bull dozer-like appearance.

But this is where it gets really cool. The Rhinobot's a sturdy and clever design and tracks make it an excellent contraption for rough terrain, and a machine that can also take a hit. Combine that with its flashy front shield, and you've got 3D printed robot that can challenge other robots for a sumo wrestling match-up. Perhaps organize a tournament with some friends? The Rhinobot can be controlled with a useful app, clearing the way for a myriad of fun applications for your very own printed robot.

It has been designed by the Spanish engineer Miguel Carro, who runs the do-it-yourself robotics blog called, which seeks to educate children. With the help of the cartoon character Andy – of his own creation – he has made very accessible tutorials for constructing small robots. He also offers a 'my first robotics' kit that can introduce children to simple engineering basics through a fun building project. Warning: it's in Spanish.

However, Carro has also released a number of open-source robotic designs on Thingiverse that are very fun and accessible. The coolest of these is obviously Rhinobot. All you need to build your very own are an IR sensor, an LED an Arduino UNO, 2 rotational servos, a few pieces of hardware, some batteries and a 3D printer.

It's a relatively simple project, and even 3D printing enthusiasts who know little about electronics should be capable of constructing this cool little robot. Carro also provides us with the necessary software and comprehensive (Spanish) instructions, though many experienced builders will doubtlessly not even need them. Have fun!

Check out this video of the Rhinobot in action:

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