Oct. 12, 2014 | By Juste Semetaite

We all heard about the 3D printing technology bending and breaking the fashion world rules. To be honest, it's old news. What everyone's digging into right now is the successful cases. What's trending? So we're here to clear that mist for you, fashionistas - don't click away.

1. Suddenly, diamonds are everyone's best friend. Thanks to 3D printers.

'A Titanium Rock', 3D-printed brooch by DAMN

2. Keep this under your watch, hipsters. (sorry, couldn't resist)

Vibrant and energetic Zub Zan timepiece by NOOKA, featuring a 3D-printed band.

3. When you feel like keeping your head high.

flyAround necklace by AmniosyA

4. This Debate Tie will be a perfect conversation starter wherever you go, fashion lover.

Debate Tie by Freshfiber

5. It is going to be an adventurous year... wink wink nudge nudge

12 shoes for 12 lovers by Sebastian Errazuriz

6. Remember that old truth about one-size-fits-all? Well, this is one of the few occasions when it's actually true.

Medieval pewter by DAMN

Gold plated by DAMN

7. Matching shoulder bag and iPhone case. Is it a bit too much, though?

Pineapple Shoulder Bag & Case for iPhone 5 by Freshfiber

8. For those who like to stick out of the crowd :)

Twig Double Ring by kpoole

9. Unless it's 3D-printed, ties are gone with the wind. Bowties are the new ties, so stock up.

Bowtie by PrestonBuffalo

10. This fox is so run down by all the attention, it needs a friendly lapel to rest on.

Fox Brooch by Ari Pisilä

11. This is just awesomely clever.

Hangover Cufflinks by Freshfiber

12. We think it's better to whistle first. Would you agree?

Shiny Rabbit Whistle by Michael Mueller

13. There are fashion trends you cannot afford to ignore. Make some waves!

Wave Midi Ring by thepeoplesjeweler

14. Eye-catching men bracelets are such a rarity that we're giving this a must-buy-Christmas-present label.

The Emperor by eragatory

15. When urban fashion meets classy design.

Wings over the City Belt Buckle by GothamSmith

16. If you're a bird, I'm a bird...right?

Wing Headdress by Melinda Looi

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Rummer Micheal wrote at 10/13/2014 10:40:09 AM:

Interested aspects, Nice one.

alidan wrote at 10/13/2014 5:10:45 AM:

the tie is just chainmail... would rather get a metal one than plastic.

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