Oct. 14, 2014

gCreate LLC, makers of the gMax 3D Printer have released today two upgraded versions of their current desktop 3D FDM printer. gMax 3D Printer's Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded last year. It raised more than $129,000 from 148 backers. The company announced earlier that it finished shipping all of their domestic printers back in April and international printers in July.

The new gMax 1.5 and 1.5 XT both have larger build envelopes than the current gMax, with 16'' x 16'' x 10'' (406 x 406 x 254 mm) and 16'' x 16'' x 18'' (406 x 406 x 457 mm) build volumes respectively and a tighter design that allows for a smaller printer footprint. All printers come with a dual extruder add-on feature and are easily compatible with Octoprint.

gMax 1.5 3d printer

Of the company's decision to release an upgraded version of their current model, gCreate Founder Gordon LaPlante said, "After over a year of prototyping, listening to customer feedback, and refining the gMax 1.0, we are eager to put into effect all of the exciting changes we've made towards this latest and greatest version. Designing and manufacturing in-house is allowing us to execute changes quickly while still maintaining excellent standards of quality."

To create a stronger and upgraded printer, LaPlante has implemented design upgrades such as endtapping a now straight vertical aluminum frame system, redesigning the entire extruder and wiring layout for easier assembly and more efficient cooling, replacing key 3D printed plastic parts in solid aluminum and carbon fiber while redesigning or removing others entirely, amongst other positive changes. As this continues to be an open source printer, all of the printed parts being replaced will be available for free download on their website for those who still wish to 3D print their own parts. Upgrade kits will soon be available for existing customers who do not wish to buy an entirely new printer.

The gMax 1.5 could be purchased fully assembled and tested for $1795. For a limited time only, gMax 1.5 will also be sold partially assembled for $1595.

Th gMax 1.5 XT will ship partially assembled for $1895. The price of each printer includes shipping and a complimentary spool of Colorfabb PLA.


  • Nozzle: 0.5mm (recommended) or 0.35mm diameter
  • Resolution: 50 micron (0.05mm / 0.00197") to 450 micron (0.45mm / 0.0177") layer thickness
  • Weight: Approx. 30lbs v1.5 / Approx. 35lbs v1.5 XT
  • Connection: Print via USB cord with computer, SD card without the need of a computer, Octoprint / Raspberry Pi Wireless and Internet-connected printing
  • Electronics: RAMPS v1.4 Electronics with Marlin firmware.
  • Motors: NEMA 17 1.68 amp, 1.8 step angle, 1/16 micro stepping
  • Frame: Genuine 80/20 Lite Aluminum 1-1/2″ T-Slot profile
  • Overhang: The gMax can print down to a 15 degree overhang (model dependent) before requiring support thanks to the efficient fan shroud design.
  • Colors: Each kit comes in your choice of one of four plastic colors (Colorfabb Traffic Red, Ultra Marine Blue, Standard Black or Signal Yellow) and either Natural Silver or Black 80/20 aluminum frame color

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Spaceman wrote at 3/3/2017 7:39:18 PM:

The CR-10 printer will kill the Create printer at a fraction of the cost. Create better bring their prices down if they want to stay in business.

mocana@idon3d.com wrote at 4/21/2016 7:54:05 PM:

Looks great. I would like to learn a little more about this machine

Bill langford wrote at 11/1/2015 5:28:14 AM:

Hi. Bill from Australia. Magnum1962@iprimus.com.au . where is the buy button? How do I purchase the gmax 3d printer?

Tommy moorman wrote at 1/11/2015 6:54:38 PM:

Where/when could I buy one?

David wrote at 12/12/2014 1:54:27 AM:

You can use a standard 1.75mm filament without a problem. As of 12/11/'14 you will receive a spool of 1.75mm PLA with the purchase of a gCreate printer.

mike wrote at 11/8/2014 3:36:24 AM:

I can figure out if you need to buy their proprietary filament for this contraption or it uses standard 1.75 filament or what?

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