Nov.10, 2014

3D printing takes streetart to a whole new level. Approached by some talented graffiti artists, 3D designer Normally Ben designed representations of these style writing art tags and tinkered with it a little further to make it printable. The result is unique 3D printable pieces showing the city art and possibilities that 3D printing could bring to these artists.


SEMOR is a German graffiti writer who is from the Cologne area. He has an amazing amount of technical abilities and style like no other. Ben modelled this piece in two parts. The S is separate to the rest of the piece, and both parts can be printed up right or flat, and then glued together. The model in the photo is 3D printed at 00.2 mm layer height, with 50% infill. It took ben 6 hours and used 52.9g of filament to complete the item.


Ben developed this 3D printed graffiti from a Kushty outline street art tag. It has a distinct old school style of 2 dimensional letter forms. Therefore the object remains quite flat but the letters twist and curve to overlap each other.

The piece is designed to be printed diagonally across and within a 130mm square bed. The final object is printed at 00.2 mm layer height, with 50% infill. This takes 6 hours 44 minutes and uses 77.8g of filament.


Mr.Sorn is an experienced graffiti writer and recently turned tattoo artist. This graffiti was painted back in 2007, and is a classic example of his distinct funky lettering.

Ben has made it in 3 pieces to allow for a bigger print on smaller printers. Quite heavy supports were used for a cleaner print but time and care were needed removing them. It is also possible to print the whole piece on a 3D printer with a larger print size.

The piece is 3D printed at 0.15mm layer height, with 50% infill. The 3 pieces combined take a total of 15 hours 3 minutes and uses 87.7g of filament.


The Sone is created by the talented Sone of the UK based Paint Wasters (PWS) based upon a piece painted at the Al Fresh Co store. Ben has made it in 3 pieces and printed them with heavy supports.

Printing at 0.15mm layer height, with 50% infill. The 3 pieces combined take a total of 24 hours 8 minutes and uses 149.1g of filament.

All 3D files of this collection can be purchased and downloaded on French 3D models marketplace Cults.



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