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For all its revolutionary manufacturing potential, 3D printing is in its heart also a creative and fun tool that enables unprecedented levels of customization. Just about anything is possible with even a simple desktop 3D printer, and it's no wonder that great 3D printing services and products are popping up all over the internet.

And we just learned of a new Canadian start-up called Directive Designs that exemplifies all that creative and customizable potential with their latest printing service: MyWay Sign. These are a mini directional signs (also known as fingerpost signs) that stands between 8" and 9" tall (for those Europeans among us, between 20 and 23 cm).

Most interesting is their customizable potential. As founder Shannon O'Brien told us, 'we custom print each one based on a customer's location and their favourite places.' To do so, they have developed a clever Google Maps-based interface, on which you can click on your location. The interface then generates a number of locations and exact distance to them.

Furthermore, you can customize the locations you'd like to have yourself. Want to measure the distance to your grandmother's house, your favourite holiday destination or the beach you visit every year? All that is possible, and you can even name them 'Grandma's House 87 km' and 'Bondi Beach 3200 km'. Whatever locations you want to include, it can all be done. This makes them very fun accessories for your office desk or original gifts for loved ones.

After submitting your preferences, the team behind Directive Designs generate 3D files of your personalized sign post. This is then printed on their Makerbot Replicator 2x in ABS, using two different colors: one for the post and one for the text, though a number of color combinations are possible. Printed in a number of pieces, these can then be easily and accurately assembled. Shannon assures us that every step is taken to assure that the sign fingers are placed as geometrically correct as possible.

And what's more, these customized products are also relatively cheap; they Directive Designs will print a unique sign with about dozen locations for approximately $40 + shipping (from Newfoundland, Canada).


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