Nov.12, 2014

How to sell yourself in creative ways when it comes to dating?, an online dating service with websites serving 25 countries, has 3D printed 1:1 life-size replicas of two of its members, hoping that could boost their chances to find the right one.

Keron Knight (L) and Michael Catuogno (R)'s 3D-printed life-size replica of themselves

Keron Knight, 26, and Michael Catuogno, 33, were invited to get scanned in a booth of over 40 DLSR cameras. Their likeness were captured in 3 dimensions and then processed using iMakr specialist software. iMakr has innovated previously in this field, realising Mini-You's first in full colour sandstone at Selfridges, and then chocolate at Harvey Nichols.

The digital files were then sent to the iMakr Store in London where a specialised 3D printer were used to print the subject in parts. A team of five people assembled the 3D printed bodies together and painted them to match the men's skin tones. Then they added the clothing which they felt represents them best. It took them totally over three weeks to complete the process.

"Seeing my doppelganger was bizarre, but brilliant. I feel extremely positive about this experience and hopefully the perfect date is just a few mouse clicks away," Mr Knight told

"I'm looking for an intelligent and genuine woman, who is ready for an adventurous and meaningful new beginning."

The 3D printed life-size replica of Keron Knight and Michael Catuogno have been placed in the window of 'Guy Candy' in London's Brick Lane.

The dating site said they will be keeping a close eye on the effect the 3D printed replicas have on the two men's profiles. Mr Knight and Mr Catuogno's 3D printed life-size mannequins will be on display on Bethnal Green Road in London until Friday.


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Steve_C wrote at 11/16/2014 1:31:47 AM:

So will the project be considered a success if the 'man'-ne-quins end up with numerous dates that lead to meaningful relationships and eventually marriage, while the flesh and bone dudes are still lonely and dateless? After all, I get the feeling the real guys aren't in meaningful relationships because they both have expectations of women that are unattainable and overly high perceptions of themselves, which would make the expectation-less mannequins not only far better company for a woman, but much more accommodating of a woman's needs, especially if the 3D sculptures were anatomically correct (or preferably 'enhanced')!!

Feign wrote at 11/14/2014 5:37:16 PM:

The headline makes it sound like this is a completely different story with a much different ending. I mean, just look at the first picture, cute girls walking by, and both of the guys can't take their eyes off their own creepy doppelgangers.

Sigh wrote at 11/13/2014 4:52:42 PM:

They look like two gay couples in a shop window.

Pat Macock wrote at 11/12/2014 5:56:32 PM:

They never learned from Conky Julian: In sixth grade Bubbles made this puppet he called Conky. Ricky: What a little asshole. Julian: He took the doll with him everywhere. It was kind of like his confidante. Ricky: His what? Julian: Never mind. Anyway, we had to take the doll away, because it fucked Bubbles' mind up big time. Ricky: Yeah, it was like, even though Bubbles was Bubbles, he was two people at the same time as bein' Bubbles. He was trying to be this other person that wasn't Bubbles, but he was still Bubbles. It was, it was fucked.

Pat Macock wrote at 11/12/2014 5:04:21 PM:

Sure, being even more of a Geek makes one a real chick magnet.

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