Nov.17, 2014

Last week 3D Systems announced its plans to unveil several new design and manufacturing products and services at EuroMold 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany. Today the company reveals some details of several new 3D printers and materials to date.

These new products include:

Largest metal parts printing with factory production features – The ProX 400 is the latest addition to its ProX Direct Metal Printing (DMP) line. It has the largest build size of any metal 3D printer and factory production features including automated finishing and a modular design.

Next generation fab-grade Stereolithograhy (SLA) – The ProX 800 builds on Stereolithography(SLA) technology, with new features including revolutionary print head and material management systems, space-saving footprint and easy-to-use operator controls.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) with an expanded material set – 3DS will preview the ProX 500 Plus, which builds on the ProX 500's technology with an expanded range of new materials, faster print speeds and a higher resolution setting. New glass-filled, aluminum-filled and nylon materials enhance the production application sets of this production workhorse.

New materials and applications in Micro-SLA printing – 3DS is announcing five new materials for its ProJet 1200 Micro-SLA 3D printer. New FTX Cast and FTX Gold and FTX Silver give jewelers a complete digital prototyping and production workflow, and new FTX Gray and FTX Clear add to the complete portfolio of material options for small end-use parts and presentation models for engineers and figurines and design creation for 3D artists.

Advanced composites and flexible materials for MultiJet printing – New materials for the ProJet 5500X offer parts with tough, functional-grade, flexible elastomers in black and translucent. Combining the new materials with the VisiJet white and clear ABS-like plastic print materials, the ProJet 5500X can create up to 14 unique materials in a single print.

Scan-based design and inspection system for small, precise parts – The Capture Mini is based on the previously released Capture system and designed specifically for small, precise parts scanning and inspection, which is perfect for small mechanical parts, jewelry and dental models.

Empowering the design-to-manufacturing digital thread –3DS will showcase a cloud and desktop-based app for printing, collaboration and file sharing.

3DMe scanning and printing experience – 3DS will showcase its 3DMe Photobooth, a compact 3D scanning kiosk with an integrated 3DMe figurine app. It features an easy, self-guided interface, instant face capture and small footprint, perfect for retailers and event venues to bring the 3DMe experience to their space.

"EuroMold is an exciting time for 3D Systems. Our commitment to our technology runs deep, and we are excited to bring these new products to our customers to help them become faster, more versatile and more creative than ever before." notes the company.

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