Nov.24, 2014

French company Prodways, subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, announced today nine new 3D printers and material to be presented to the public for the first time during the Euromold, which will be held in Frankfurt from 25 to 28 November 2014.

Nine 3D printers

Firstly, Prodways presents its new range of 3D printers, called "ProMakers". Prodways has designed this new range of ProMakers based on two series: the L series ProMakers, which use photosensitive liquid resins, and the V series ProMakers, which use composite materials.

This range, which comprises 9 ProMakers in total, was developed to enable Prodways to meet diverse market needs. It is based on Prodways' MOVINGLight technology that combines UVA LED and moving DLP, allowing its users to improve their productivity considerably (up to 10 times faster than market standards) and to produce parts with unparalleled resolution and precision.

8 L-series ProMakers feature:

  • Superior surface quality requiring minimum finishing
  • Low operating costs due to minimal wear and tears on parts
  • Replacement of LED light source cheaper than laser
  • Able to print hundreds of small parts in just few hours at a resolution of less than 40μm
  • Unequalled resolution, more than a half billion pixels per layer
  • High precision in all 3 dimensions (horizontal AND vertical)

This new range notably includes the ProMaker L5000 and L6000, more accessible machines with smaller production areas, enabling Prodways to reach more markets.

The ProMaker V6000:

The ProMaker V6000 is specially designed for composite parts, particularly ceramic and metal parts. The resultant parts have very high density, reaching 95% to 99% for ceramic.

At the fair, Prodways will also present its new range of materials, "PLASTCure Materials". This range, developed in-house but also in collaboration with their partners, now has 14 specific materials and a total of some 20 product references, most of which are presented for the first time.

In addition, Prodways will also announce that it has signed several major distribution agreements aimed at its international development. These new distribution agreements will enable Prodways to create a sales and distribution network spanning Germany, Austria and Italy, in addition to Romania and Eastern Europe. The company LSS will cover Germany and Austria, whereas Key Service will cover Italy, and Labvision will represent Prodways in Romania and Eastern Europe.

These three distribution agreements will enable Prodways to provide customers operating in these regions with a full range of services, including installation, level 1 and 2 technical support, the supply of spare parts and the distribution of materials.


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