Dec 2, 2014

Two years ago WASP (the acronym of World Advanced Saving Project), one of the largest 3D printer manufacturer in Italy, announced its plan to find low cost solutions for 3D printing houses to solve the house problems in the world. In October the company presented its 6 meters tall 3D printer capable of printing buildings in clay at Rome Maker Faire.

"We have a big goal, and we work everyday, step by step, to achieve it," said Massimo Moretti, founder of WASP. The startup has been working on finding all kinds of solutions that make house building in developing countries easier. One new innovation is their Resurrection System, which will allow users to save their print job and resume it in the case of power failure.

"We are the first in the world to have invented this system." Maurisio Andreoli of WASP told us. "The desire to build homes has made it essential to the development of WASP Resurrection System, a feature that allows you not only to pause printing, but to get the data and resume from the same point in the case of power failure."

The principle of this "Stop and Save" system is simple: when you pause a print job, the system automatically saves the coordinates (X, Y, Z) of where the print job stopped in an SD card. When the user wants to reactivate the print job, he can begin the printing at the location where it left off. The system saves the coordinates to a file they named as 'resurrection. g.'

In collaboration with maker Dennis Patella, the company has developed a buffer battery system for unexpected power loss. The system consists of a resistive divider which reads the voltage present and codes which is able to instruct the Arduino to perform the "Stop and Save" function at the right time.

The team explained that they have included a diode to make sure the energy would be used for the Arduino only.

"If the voltage were to suddenly go to zero, the engines cannot use the energy stored in the capacitor protected by diode, a valve that prevents the passage of current in the opposite direction. Thus, the energy in that little battery is sufficient for the time necessary to carry out the rescue."

WASP said that they have implemented this feature not only on their BigDelta for printing house, but on all of their 3D printers. The Resurrection system has been made open source and is protected by a Creative Commons license, allowing anyone to develop their own solutions for their 3D printers.

Check out the video below.



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akash wrote at 8/14/2015 1:18:23 PM:

This Resurrection System is developed or not.. If yes can u provide me the firmware to build in my printer at Plz send me , I desperate to build this feature in my 3d printer..

akash wrote at 8/14/2015 1:15:25 PM:

This Resurrection System is developed or not.. If yes can u provide me the firmware to build in my printer..

Vidar wrote at 12/10/2014 6:51:14 PM:

The ressurection thing sounds suspiciously much like Panowin's printer. "The first to develop this" is a bit ignorant.

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