Dec 9, 2014

Simplify3D, a software company committed to a universal software platform for 3D printing, has today announced the release of their expanded version of all-in-one Simplify3D software suite.

Simplify3D Software functions as the operating system for your 3D printer, allowing users to import and manipulate geometry, repair mesh problems, apply custom print settings, slice files, generate G-Code instructions and watch an animated preview of your build sequence.

For the past two years, Simplify3D has been expanding its software platform and building partnerships with 3D printer manufacturers all around the world.

"According to and other sources, there are at least 150 manufacturers of 3D printers, many with different formats, firmware, file types and sequences. Simplify3D is trying to unify this market, with many manufacturers already including the innovate software suite with new machine sales." notes the company in a statement.

The expanded version of the software includes support for MakerBot 5th Generation, XYZprinting da Vinci, and PowerSpec 3D printers; as well as a number of new features that improve the user experience and make 3D printing more intuitive and precise.

"We provide a universal software platform that simplifies the process of 3D printing, regardless of the 3D printer you use," said Clayton Webster, Founder and CEO of Simplify3D Software. "Our team tests each 3D printer and works directly with 3D printer manufacturers so the user has the best possible integration of hardware and software. The goal is a seamless out-of-the-box user experience. We currently support over 100 different 3D printers, and we are constantly adding new models to that list. With this release, we are pleased to add 19 new 3D printers to our Supported Printer List including the MakerBot 5th Generation, XYZprinting da Vinci and PowerSpec 3D printers."

"We think broader compatibility will be a benefit for all parties involved," said Webster. "We hear from customers all the time asking which 3D printers are supported by our software package. We will be thrilled to tell them about all the new hardware platforms that are now compatible with their favorite software. It will help the manufacturers sell more 3D printers, and it gives the users more choices and functionality."

The lastest software release Version 2.2 has the following capabilities:

  • A lightening fast slicer that saves time and encourages experimentation
  • Mesh repair utilities to help prepare digital models for fabrication
  • An animated print simulation that allows users to identify errors before printing
  • Direct USB control of your 3D printer with a full-featured machine control panel
  • Auto-generated support structures, or customized supports that can be added or removed with one-click for the best model construction and simple post-process cleanup
  • The ability to use different settings within one model, unlocking many new possibilities for variable build properties
  • Advanced features for multi-part builds, including tool path optimization algorithms that save time and improve part quality

"Simplify3D Software spans the 3D community, giving users complete control over their 3D printers so they can produce stunning and precise results, regardless of the 3D printer being used," stated Webster. "Our software is used by engineers, teachers, designers, medical technicians and hobbyists - anyone who want better quality models from their 3D printers. We want to make sure that the hardware is never limited by the software. Without great software, these amazing 3D printers are like driving a Ferrari on cruise control. There is so much more capability under the hood with these machines. The software matters."

The Simplify3D is priced at $140 per license.


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