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Last time we heard from Dave Hakkens, founder of the incredible Precious Plastics project, he was busy on a new project that exploded all over the internet in the form of a modular phone design.

More recently, has taken a break from his Phonebloks project to revisit his Precious Plastics project in hope that he can find somebody else that can help keep the open source plastic recycling concept alive...and he wants to offer 10,000 Euros to the person who he believes is capable.

"I still think this project has a huge potential and I am really keen on pushing it forward," says Dave on his blog.

"I have a workshop, tools and materials to make it happen, however not the time or knowledge to get this done myself. I need a clever machine builder!"

The 10,000 Euro offer is actually existing prize money that he previously won for his Precious Plastics concept last year, which he hopes to now put back into the project to create a better open source blueprint library for others to use for their own designs.

The project, which is focused on converting plastic waste from everything from soap bottles to discarded toys, features a set of low fidelity plastic manufacturing machines based off of more industrial scale production methods. The machines included in the Precious Plastics projects are a plastic shredder, an extruder, a rotational caster and an injection molder.

"There is a workable version 1.0 of these as a starting point," Dave adds. "However they need to be redesigned and built according to the requirements of version 2.0."

Whoever is chosen to further develop the collection into version 2.0 of the Precious Plastics machines will share a space with Dave and be provided the tools, materials and anything else need to make it happen. As for the kind of work that will be expected will be to research the machines, create CAD models, create prototypes with an Arduino focusing on heat control, prototype final builds, testing and ultimately, building final versions of the open source collection.

While Dave considers his version 1.0 as a proof-of-concept suited for small productions, localized manufacturing with basic and easy-to-find materials, he is hoping that whoever develops version 2.0 will focus on a modular framework for easy upgrades, a customizable hardware option for adding plug-ins or custom features, as well as a more user friendly design without the need for extensive know-how.

As for the requirements needed for applicants, Dave outlines:

  • Speak English or Dutch
  • Experience in developing hardware
  • Experience in building hardware
  • Know how to use basic tooling like welding and cutting.
  • Basic experience in Arduino or Raspberry Pi
  • Capable of making CAD drawings.
  • Working structured with a clear plan.

If you think you have what it takes to create Precious Plastics V2.0, you have until Christmas to send Dave a resume, cover letter and portfolio to The project will start in January of 2015 and culminate with a final design in June of 2015.

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Jon Barton wrote at 11/6/2016 5:47:31 AM:

Very interesting work: a couple of notes: 1) there is now a V2 of this project with all plans included 2) Dave Hakkens just got an award Congratulations! 3)Recycled plastic is now an option at ALT's 3D printing service which fcocuses on sustainable materials

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