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Last Saturday visitors of the 'Excellent Beurs' convention in Rotterdam were able to catch a glimpse of a brand-new 3D printing application: 3D printed kitchens. 'From kitchen cabinets to doorknobs, from the stove to the cutlery drawer: everything can be seen great detail and color in the 3D printed kitchens made by Tinello Kitchen & Interior.'

Mind you, we're not talking about actually 3D printed kitchens. Instead, Tinello Keuken & Interieur (Kitchen & Interior) has developed 3D printed scale models of their products to provide customers an opportunity to fully comprehend their brand-new kitchens. As they explained, Tinello prides itself on providing accurate and original designs, so these type of scale models will allow customers to experience their quality before the kitchen has even been installed.

Like most kitchen manufacturers, Tinello relied on drawings and 3D digital models to provide their clients with a glimpse, but many reportedly found it difficult to fully grasp the concepts. As the company's director Frans Klis explained: 'A 3D design only shows a number of perspectives; not the entire image. A 3D printed scale model can provide the client with that clear perspective of space, one that matches reality. It allows them to completely comprehend the distance between the counter and the cooking island, something that can be more difficult to grasps in a drawing. But a scale model is obviously also a fun thing to show to your friends and family, while also being very useful when working with contractors and architects.'

It's believed that Tinello is the world's first kitchen manufacturer to offer 3D printed services, and have unveiled their very first model in Rotterdam. It has been developed in collaboration with 3D printing provider 3D Systems Benelux, and the company said that they've created a very quick and efficient method for making these scale models.

Visitors of the convention were particularly impressed by the scale model. As one enthusiastic visitor reported on her blog: 'The 3D print almost perfectly captures your kitchen's colors as they will be in reality. It also allows customers to envision what their new kitchens will look like. And what customer (read: woman) wouldn't want a doll house of your own kitchen?'

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