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Readers might recall the intriguing works of the Tokyo-based modern artist Taketo Kobayashi, who has been on a quest to harmonize Japan's rich history and culture with its modern technology though 3D printing. His projects have covered and combined everything from the culture and art of the Shogun era to modern day anime (and everything in between).

Just in the past few months, Taketo shared some very interesting projects with us, like a modern and 3D printed interpretation of the age-old Japanese tea ceremony, and a series of gorgeous artificial limbs in his More Than Human project. In both of these projects, he collaborated with visual artist Yoshinori Sakamaki (also known as Sense).

But he is currently working on an inspiring solo project entitled '3D Printed Contemporary Buddhism Statues', and you can contribute! As part of this project, Taketo aims to 3D print a hundred intricately designed Buddha statues that combine various strands of Japan's diverse society, including modern day's anime and manga sub-culture as well as expressions from the ancient Jomon period. At the same time, Taketo seeks to explore 3D printing technology's artistic potential.

The Buddha visible above is entitled 'Yakushi-Nyorai' (or Bhaisajyaguru), the Buddha able to cure all illnesses. The one below is 'Shoumen-Kongo', a tall, multi-part 3D printed creation. The whole series of Buddhas will feature reflections of all areas of Japanese culture. 'I believe that represents exactly what Japanese contemporary art is.'

There's just one problem, and that is that the sheer scale of this project means it's too much for Taketo to 3D print by himself. He therefore hopes to be able to collaborate with one or multiple 3D printing companies to realize this artistic and thought-provoking Buddha project. If you're interested in working with Taketo on his '3D Printed Contemporary Buddhism Statues' project, please use the comment form below.

For more about Taketo's impressive works, check out his Humanoise page here. To get a better feel of Taketo's art and style, also check out this digital animation:


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Aaron Jennings wrote at 1/5/2015 6:31:34 PM:

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