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Along with other exciting 3D printing-related announcements that have been coming out of Press Day at CES 2015 in Las Vegas is the announcement of Leonar3Do’s new Business Solutions on their Leopoly platform, which will allow brands, retail companies and schools to set up their own object customization website and leverage the growing 3D printing market per their customized needs.  The easy-to-use, browser-based Leopoly 3D modeling platform allows non-professionals to easily create 3D printable models instantly.    

"By creating an online community of ‘shapers’, we want to open the world of 3D design and creation to everyone,” says Leopoly on their website.  “Just as we witnessed the fields of publishing, photography or music changed forever, digitally designed objects will also be created, modified, developed or shared by those, who used only to consume them. Creating an object will be just as natural as taking a picture, driving a car or to write.”


While existing advanced users in the 3D printing community have been busy creating their own 3d model generators and other platforms for content creation, a hot topic for 3d printing in 2015 will be how brands and companies who aren’t already leveraging 3D printing will start to offer something for their customers.  

More recently, we’ve seen MakerBot help existing brands leverage themselves in the 3D printing space through their MakerBot Digital Store.  Among other brands who have started offering 3D prints under their brand name include Sesame Street, Hello Kitty, Martha Stewart and more recently, Hoover Vacuums (although they chose to use MakerBot’s Thingiverse to offer their vacuum attachment print files for free).  

As it stands, Leopoly isn’t promoting a store platform featuring pre-built models like MakerBot is.  Rather, their approach leans more towards letting brands create their own platform for letting their users create their own customized 3D content in a branded web experience.

“These apps allow users to customize specific, themed 3D models, adding real value to modern additive manufacturing technology for the benefit of a wider range of users and partners,” said Roland Manyai, Head of Leopoly in the company’s official press release.

“This approach has led to growing interest from companies who want to exploit the potential of 3D printing and digital design experience for marketing purposes, product customization, merchandising and customer engagement."

As for what Leopoly is offering, the platform comes in two flavors for enterprise clients:

The Leopoly Standard Solution (starting at $200/month) offers companies everything they need to create a “build your own, branded 3D customization page, including a drag-and-drop site-builder system, with themes and basic 3D objects.”  In keeping true to their mission of making the platform easy for everybody to use, the platform is designed for the needs of non-professional users who don’t have any technical modeling skills.

For those looking for a more robust option, the Leopoly Tailor-Made Solution option offers complete control over the design and development process.  According to Leopoly, they will work closely with you to create a tailor-made solution that caters to your end-users own business processes.  The option also includes the capability of an integrated 3D printing service through working with third party 3D print service providers.

As for schools, Leopoly has introduced an entry-level training course to teach students the basics of 3D modeling including the steps needed to convert their 3D digital model into a physical 3D print.  The Leopoly Education Package enables students access to thousands of 3D models for both inspiration as well as to further customize or improve on for curriculum-based projects.  Additionally, the package is setup so that it is easy for teachers to implement into existing curriculums with lesson plans and how-to guides.  

“Leopoly is a really user-friendly 3D creation and design tool. I can see it being used as a part of creative writing, literature discussions, history/social studies projects and science/mathematical modelling,” said Tami Brass, Director of Institutional Technology at St Paul’s Academy and Summit School.   

“The ability to easily export to file formats for 3D printing is particularly useful given the limited range of 3D printing tools available, especially for K-8 students. My own students found it easy to use and got excellent results.”

The Business Solutions offering will be ready in early 2015 and Leonar3Do will be showcasing Leopoly at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas between January 6-9, within the 3D Printing TechZone, booth #72117.


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