Jan 6, 2015 | By Simon

Considered by many to be MakerBot’s biggest competitor for Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printers, Ultimaker has recently joined the ranks of the Brooklyn company to offer not just one size of 3D printer, but three total for users needing a smaller and more affordable offering and business customers who need a larger print area.

Announced on Monday, January 05 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the European 3D printer manufacturer unveiled two new desktop models that are aimed at the lower end of the market and the higher end of the market... effectively capping off what they have already been selling as their medium sized model, the Ultimaker 2.

The Ultimaker2 Extended

The Ultimaker2 Extended, which is priced at $3030, is made for businesses and prosumers who need a larger print area for printing more complex objects and assemblies.  Designed to fit seamlessly into an enterprise setting, the build area is capable of producing objects that are ten inches tall, or roughly four inches larger than that of the existing Ultimaker 2 model.

The Ultimaker2 Go

The second announcement, which is excellent news for those looking for a compact and affordable 3D printer option, is called the Ultimaker2 Go.  The ‘travel size’ 3D printer is built to fit anywhere in the home and travel easily for 3D prints-on-the-go.  With a retail price of $1450, the printer is much more accessible for a wider market who are likely still on the fence about which 3D printer to purchase within their budget, if at all. While the Ultimaker2 Go is still $75 more than the MakerBot Replicator Mini, it is still a clever product worthy of looking at for anybody in the market for a ‘baby’ FDM 3D printer with travel capabilities.    

While the Ultimaker2 is yet to see any significant updates, it is still a top-performing 3D printer capable of producing high-quality 3D prints using the Fused Deposition Modeling method for $2500.  

The announcements are perhaps the most significant for the company, which was founded in 2011 with the release of their Ultimaker Original 3D printer that offered users an unassembled do-it-yourself 3D printer build experience.  The low-output noise of the Ultimaker 3d printers makes them ideal for those who prefer a quiet office environment but rely on having a 3D printer on their desktop for work-related purposes.

All three printers will use PLA and ABS filaments and the Ultimaker2 Extended and Ultimaker2 Go will be available for pre-order in March of 2015.


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