Jan 8, 2015 | By Simon

Aiming to bring video games out into the real world, new open world gaming startup LyteShot has just launched a new Kickstarter campaign that they hope will generate enough attention to bring their mobile gaming platform to life.

With a team of four industry experts who have experience in the 3D and entertainment industries, the startup has not only created a platform for gamers to enjoy, but have also made their hardware and software designs easy for makers and developers to further develop the system into something of their own creation:

“Print your own swords/wands/guns and whatever else you can dream up – using 3D printers. Integrate with our Lyter and Puck for plug-and-play gaming.”

In addition to the open customizable platform, LyteShot is also creating an online Marketplace for users to share and possibly sell their game design creations.  

LyteShot’s peripherals were designed to be adapted to work with a number of tools, imaginary weapons and objects to be created with 3D printers.  Additionally, the Arduino-based hardware platform allows makers to create customizable interactivity to go along with their 3D printed designs in the gameplay environment.

Similar to laser tag, the gameplay is simple: users carry cartoonish guns while wearing their own ‘puck’ hit sensor.  Once another player ‘tags’ them by pulling their own trigger, depending on the nature of gameplay, the ‘hit’ user is either damaged or dies similar to traditional digital video games.  Using Bluetooth technology, all players are able to be kept in sync via a smartphone app while the shots are fired using infrared.    

Players can use real-time tracking of game logistics, leaderboards, hit detection, geo-tracking, quest completion, in-game communication and more to power their game designs, or play one of the existing games created by LyteShot.  Perhaps one of the more impressive features of LyteShot though, regardless of the game or features, is the ability to digitally keep track of game statistics, enforce boundaries, guide the storyline and depending on how a developer chooses to craft their own game, have a central controller or no controller at all for a fully immersive open world gaming experience.

Among the first games to be announced by LyteShot include Assassin, Besieged and Invasion.  While all three have different immersive storylines ranging from political thriller to zombie takeover, they all involve either a single player or group team for various levels of social interaction during gameplay.

“Creating an entirely new platform is a huge endeavor,” says LyteShot CEO Mark Ladd.   “We have already come a long way, but we need your support to join us in this groundbreaking venture. Your pledge will enable us to complete the design and production of the LyteShot gaming platform and bring it to the market to get into the hands of players and game developers such as yourself. We are asking all kinds of gamers – digital gamers, LARPers, ARG gamers, Nerf gamers, Paintball players – to help us turn any place in the world into your gaming arena.”

The LyteShot just might be the first and most relevant platform that puts 3D printing and gaming hand-in-hand.  You can purchase a LyteShot set starting at $125 over on Kickstarter.


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