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Since announcing their ‘123D’ suite of 3D design mobile apps in 2013 including Catch (for 3D scanning), Creature (for creature concept development), Design (for traditional design models), Make (for creating cut patterns) and Sculpt (for digital ‘clay’ sculpting), Autodesk has been active in keeping the apps updated as new technologies replace old and an ever-increasing amount of users choose to print their finished models in 3D.  

Among the more popular of the group has been 123D Sculpt, which allows a user to choose a shape from a library of creatures, humans, vehicles and other objects and then push, pull, and paint into a custom design.  Once a user is finished with their design they are able to animate or share it via social media.


Today, Autodesk announced that they have released an update to their popular 123D Sculpt app in the form of 123D Sculpt+.  The update, which is available today for both iOS and Android devices, is free.  

“Thank you to the amazing community of artists who have made [this] what it is today!” said Autodesk.  “With this update we are excited to introduce our biggest update to date! Along with a beautiful new interface comes a ton of amazing content, features and other goodies for you to play with.”

Among other new features included in the second version include:

  • New starting forms including skeletons, base shapes and fully textured example sculptures
  • A brand new color picker with scrolling favorites
  • The “pose tool” – a feature that allows users to add poseable joints on sculptures
  • Photorealistic Materials – from chrome to clay, users can take their sculptures to a whole new visual level by combining textures, paint and shininess
  • Brand new texture brushes – users can add surface detail using color texture brushes
  • Enhanced Pixlr Filters – this will enable users to further stylize images
  • Preview functionality – users can view sculptures on the community in full 3D without needing to downloading them
  • Export creatures as OBJ files with textures for use in other 3D tools such as Autodesk Maya or 3ds Max

As a majority of more complex 3D modeling apps - particularly those that have been around for ages and are used in more professional product development - still remain expensive for casual users, easy-to-use modeling apps such as Autodesk 123D Sculpt+ are largely responsible for introducing a large amount of casual users to 3D content creation.  When combined with the ability texture, paint and even add personal photos to the custom models, it becomes clear why the app has been able to perform so well with young makers and those just starting out.

Interested users who want to give it a shot can download Autodesk 123D Sculpt+ for both iOS and Android starting today.  


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uzzal hossin wrote at 1/25/2015 4:11:17 PM:

good software

Manuel wrote at 1/15/2015 12:26:00 AM:

Its a joke? Doesn't work on a samsung note 4????? 2.5k screen and 2048 pressure levels is not enough????

Mike wrote at 1/14/2015 8:16:35 PM:

123D Sculpt+ Android App does not appear on the Autodesk website. Is this real or not?

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