Jan 19, 2015 | By Simon

Since they came onto the 3D printing scene in 2012, Italy-based Sharebot has been quietly expanding their ecosystem to include multiple sizes of desktop 3D printers, filaments and an ever-expanding arsenal of 3D printing-related software options.

Originally founded by two young entrepreneurs, the company is currently selling 3D printers that are already on their 3rd generation in less than three years and are increasingly becoming a go-to option for hobbyists, professionals and companies that are looking for a low-price rapid prototyping solution.  

In an effort to make the 3D printing experience even easier - both for users who have purchased a Sharebot 3D printer as well as those who are 3D printing on other 3D printers - the Sharebot team announced today an entirely new product category that makes 3D printing remotely as easy as pulling out a smartphone and hitting ‘print’.

The Sharebox3D, which is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, is a wireless module that can attach to any 3D printer and promises users to have full of their 3D prints directly from their computer, tablet or smartphone without being tethered to a tangle of wires or better yet - even have to be by their 3D printer at all.

“Sharebox 3D is a tool which can change the way we think about the 3D printing world,” said Sharebot.  

“It can give to thousands of people the possibility to discover this new fantastic world, taking part in a great cultural revolution. You are the protagonist, not the printer, because you are the person who creates the idea that is going to be printed: Sharebox3D allows you to unleash this creativity everywhere you are at any time. There is only one limit: your fantasy.”

Among other features, the Sharebox3D enables users to manage and share their STL files remotely, monitor their 3D printer through a webcam, control printer settings remotely, receive notifications on print progress including possible errors and print completion as well as a storage capability for keeping track of your prints via the Sharebot’s Sharebox.  

Perhaps one of the most impressive features of the Sharebox 3D though is that it allows users to slice their 3D STL directly on their smartphone, tablet or computer while “on-the-fly”.  This capability essentially allows a user to prepare their 3D model anywhere with a WiFi connection and generate a gcode file directly from their device, which can then be remotely printed with a “start print” button.   

Once a print has started, users will still be able to see control their print throughout the print process by utilizing the integrated webcam.  For example, if a print appears that it is not printing as intended, a user can remotely shut off the printer until the problem can be accessed rather than wasting filament.  Additionally, Sharebox3D is capable of alerting users if a print accidentally stops and will keep track of how many layers have already been printed so a print can be started up once again without resorting to starting the print over from scratch.  

As for compatibility, Sharebot claims that the Sharebox 3D if fully-compatible with any 3D printer and is being continuously updated to include any new 3D printer releases.  

As for when users can get their hands on the product, Sharebot added:

“Sharebox 3D is not a smoky project: it's ready to be launched. We’ve already worked on it and now we have to pass from the planning phase to the production one. This is a great challenge: we want to give you the best tool for your prints using an easy plug and play hardware. However for these last steps we need your help!”

The Sharebox 3D is available for $99 with an estimated delivery in September 2015 over on Indiegogo.  


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