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Milan-based jewelry company Ontic was named after a metaphysical term that means “physical, real, or factual existence.” Designers Erica Tacconi and Nathan Gray chose the name because it highlights their products’ transformation “from a purely digital state to the physical, factual world.”

Their first product, the Eidos bracelet, fully captures this process. The modular, 3D printed women’s cuff features customized graphic icons that are designed using interactive software and then attached to the face of the bracelet magnetically. The result is a gorgeous and completely unique piece of jewelry that reflects the creativity and personal style of the wearer.

According to Ontic, the customization process is simple and intuitive. Using the software features on their website, users can easily select their size (small, medium or large) as well as their preferred material. Bracelets are available in either sterling silver, dark nylon, or gold-plated brass, or a combination of any of these metals for an even more personalized touch.

The next step is to design a graphic icon by using their design tools, of which three are available: Symmetria, Tangram and Cascade. Each one features hypnotic, geographic patterns that can be fully customized in terms of the colours and shapes, offering almost infinite possibilities. Their gallery also features several pre-made icons, such as these timely Valentine’s Day inspired designs. Once you’ve created or chosen the design, it’s just a matter of pairing it with your chosen bracelet and placing the order. Depending on the materials used, the cost of a bracelet ranges from roughly EUR140 to EUR270, including bracelet and icons. The icon can be bought separately for 22 euro.

To make the bracelets, Ontik uses several different 3D printing partners such as Shapeways, Sculpteo, i.materialise and Prototek in order to ensure the best quality.  As for the graphic icons, they are printed to metal using sublimation techniques and then attached to the bracelet magnetically using neodymium iron boron (NdFeB), the strongest known material for permanent magnets. For now, Eidos is the only bracelet available for their launch, however Tacconi and Gray are working on an entire line of objects, including jewelry, bags and belts, that will bear the same customization tools and graphic icons.

Their goal in creating the Ontic brand was to merge the worlds of digital visual arts with modern jewelry design, and with the Eidos bracelet, they have succeeding in creating a beautiful, long-lasting and exceptionally wearable piece of art that will be unique and meaningful to each customer.

Ontic is also dedicated to working closely with the programmers, designers, developers and hackers that they admire to forge new interactive Design Tools for creating their customizable Icons. “We tip our hat to this imaginative community of doers, makers, tinkerers and creators,” they said. If you’re maker senses are tingling, Ontik and their Eidos line could be the perfect place to start.



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