Feb. 18, 2015 | By Simon

Since 3D printing first went mainstream with the likes of MakerBot, Shapeways and others making additive manufacturing more accessible for average consumers, 3D printed figurines have been one of the most popular objects of choice for both 3D modeling as well as 3D printing.  Aside from the collectible element that figurines provide, they are also very easy to produce; their structures can be supported easily during the printing process and the lack of any complicated moving parts ensures that most results end up as intended.

To help celebrate the 2015 Cricket World Cup - which is currently in-progress - a Singapore-based 3D printing startup has launched a Kickstarter campaign that they’re hoping will raise enough funds to create their own Cricket Miniatures.  

The project, which offers both fully-editable as well as finished 3D printed miniatures in their rewards, was launched by iPlay4Keeps.  According to their website, the Cricket Miniatures is their first 3D printing project.  

“An iconic moment in any sport can remain etched in our minds for decades, reminding us of the breathtaking play or even an entire unbelievable game,” says the design team on their Kickstarter page.   

“Imagine being able to capture those legendary moments in miniature action figures.”

Standing at a height of between 90 and 100 mm, each miniature comes in a variety of different sporting poses that represent a different types of Cricket play.  In total, there are three different base postures including batting stroke-play, bowling posture and fielding action.  

The iPlay4Keeps team emphasizes that because they are 3D printing each and every figurine, they don’t need to worry about minimum order quantities or entry barriers for mass manufacturing - something that can put the stop-gate up for those who haven’t amassed widespread interest.

Backers who are interested in purchasing the miniature figurines will have the flexibility to pick from either the digital file, an all-white 3D printed figurine, a full-color 3D printed figurine, or a custom-colored 3D printed figurine to match the kit of a favorite cricket team.  

The iPlay4Keeps team also emphasizes that the objective of the Kickstarter campaign is to help raise funds to expand their portfolio of 3D printed figurines into even more poses and figures.  For fans of both cricket and 3D printing, this just might be the perfect Kickstarter project.  

The figurines start at $50 apiece while the digital downloads can be had for just $10.  Currently, the campaign is sitting at $400 AUD of their $1000 AUD goal with 24 days left to go in their campaign.  



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