Feb. 25, 2015 | By Kira

At this point, it’s safe to say that California-startup Pebble and Kickstarter campaigns go together like peanut butter and jam. The smartwatch developing company founded by Eric Migicovksy launched their second record-breaking Kickstarter campaign yesterday, reaching their $500,000 goal within 20 minutes, and over $8 million in funding in one day.

Credited as “the smartwatch that started it all,” the original Pebble was launched three years ago and broke records for being the most funded project on Kickstarter. As of this morning, the third-generation Pebble Time became the fastest-ever campaign on the website to reach $5 million.

The high-demand is not surprising given the exclusive new features of the Pebble Time. In addition to its seven days of battery life, water resistance, and customizability, the newest iteration features a full color e-paper display that is easy to read and always on, a microphone for replying to notifications and taking voice notes, a built-in accelerometer for fitness trackers, a scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass screen and bezel made of stainless steel, and an ergonomic, curved design that is 20% thinner than the original.

Believe it or not, despite that exhaustive list, the most exciting new feature is the watch’s new interface, known as Timeline. Unlike Facebook’s timeline, which arguably is more about mindlessly losing time than efficiently organizing it, Pebble’s software sorts your information and notifications into past, present and future. “You already plan your day around time, so it makes sense for your Pebble to be organized around the same principle,” said the company in their Kickstarter statement. “Now your notifications, news, reminders and events are laid out chronologically instead of being trapped inside separate apps.” With one click, you can see what’s next on your schedule or the information that is most relevant to you, such as sports scores, the weather, or go back in time to review past emails and events.

Unlike Apple’s upcoming smartwatch, the Pebble is not touch-screen based. Rather, it features three foolproof, tactile buttons. Another important distinction between the Pebble and its competitors is that its open platform software is compatible with iOS and Android devices (including Samsung) and supports over 6,500 existing apps and services, such as GOPRO, Jawbone, PayPal, Dominos, Pandora and Evernote, meaning that it can seamlessly integrate into nearly every aspect of your life. It is arguably the most diverse and adaptable product on the market.

Speaking of adaptability, the Pebble’s soft silicone band is available in three colors (Red, Black, or White), but any 22mm watch band can be swapped-in in under 10 seconds. In addition, for the DIYers and makers out there, Pebble will be publishing the 3D data required to customize and 3D print your own straps, covers and docks. With seven years of experience under their belt, you can tell that the developers behind the Pebble have put a lot of thought into their product and thought of just about everyone’s needs.

There are still 30 days left in the Kickstarter campaign, which at the time of this writing has reached $8,340,000 thanks to over 39,000 backers, but given the exclusive features we’ve just listed out, it probably won’t take you that long to decide whether or not you’ll back the project.

The early bird offer of $159 for one Pebble Time has already been sold out, however there is a limited number of $179 watches available (the full retail price will be $199). In addition, all watches bought through Kickstarter will be engraved with ‘Kickstarter Edition’, and if you are backing Pebble for the second time, the company says they will engrave your watch with “something extra special.” You’d better move fast, though. With only 5000 watches left from the first batch, set to ship in May 2015, time is of the essence.


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