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3D printing technology is probably still way too young to produce world renowned artists that define a genre. After all, Van Gogh didn’t receive any recognition until after his death, so we might have to wait a few decades before a 3D printing artist rises to such prominence. But make no mistake; 3D printers are already rapidly gaining attention as artistic tools, right next to the paintbrushes and hammers and chisels.

But a remarkably artistic father and son duo from South Korea are proving to everyone that 3D printed art is by no means restricted to obscure attics and workshops. As father Seokhee Oh, who works at the Gyeonggi Content Korea Lab, reveals on his blog, 3D printing is open to artists of all ages and suitable for art of every century and every style. "During this winter, my son and I came up with a winter vacation project [that combines] the Van Gogh story with 3D printing work," he writes. "When my son(Myung-Jin Oh) brought his school project assignment, I didn’t have any idea at that time. My son likes to draw something all the time. Also, he loves Van Gogh paintings such as Vase with Twelve Sun Flowers, The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum and Bedroom in Arles."

Wanting to give his son a more creative art experience than just reading and painting, they together developed a new way of presenting one of his son’s favourite paintings: Bedroom in Arles, by Vincent van Gogh. After reading up on the Dutch master’s style and life, as well as visiting exhibitions featuring his gorgeous works, father and son set out to recreate Van Gogh’s bedroom using Tinkercad 3D modelling software, an Almond 3D printer, acrylic paint and even pieces of cloth.

The result? A beautiful 3D printed recreation of one of the most renowned pieces of art in the world (and a school project that is so much better than anything I have ever made). Not only is it wonderful to see what even a desktop 3D printer is truly an artistic instrument, it’s also great to see a young boy experience and experiment with 3D printing technology. Now that is something that should be introduced in schools everywhere.



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Joseph Choi wrote at 10/20/2015 3:58:37 AM:

This is fantastic : ) Also, an awesome dad!

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