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Whenever the California-based design studio Emerging Objects is preparing to unveil something, you know its going to be spectacular. Known for 3D printing large modular shapes from various materials, they have previously unveiled projects such as the futuristic house of salt and the inspiring 3D printed anti-earthquake concrete column. While their latest project, known simply as ‘Bloom’ won’t be unveiled until Friday 6 March at the College of Environmental Design (CED) in Berkeley, sneak previews suggest its going to be spectacular.

In their own words, Bloom will be ‘the first and largest 3D-printed cement structure demonstrating the architectural potential of 3D printing.’ As you can see, it’s essentially a concrete 3D printed pavilion consisting of beautiful individual blocks. The complete dimensions of the pavilion are 12 by 12 foot (W x D) and an impressive 9 foot in height. Fortunately, they have kept count of the individual blocks as well. There are 840 of these mass-customized blocks in total, all of them made from a unique type of 3D printable cement made by the Ronald Rael with support from Thai cement producers Siam Cement Group (SCG). For those of you who don’t know, Rael is a UC Berkeley associate professor and co-founder of Emerging Objects. As they explain, it's a type of iron oxide-free cement-polymer composite perfect for 3D printing.

While various construction companies have been conducting large scale 3D printing experiments in the past few months – perhaps most notably WinSun in China – Emerging Objects argues that this particular construction is a lot different. Specifically, its exact approach overcomes various limitations and problems encountered in other experiments. ‘Bloom is the largest and most precise 3D printed cement polymer structure built to date that overcomes many of the previous limitations to 3D printed architecture — namely speed, cost, aesthetics, and practical applications,’ the Emerging Objects team argues.

Work-in-progress on Bloom.

If you happen to be in the Bay Area in California, be sure to visit the 2015 Berkeley Circus on the 6th of March, where the construction will be unveiled. It will be particularly interesting to see what elements and purposes have been incorporated into the design, as Emerging Objects is well known for focusing on ecological and sustainable purposes, while keeping living conditions in mind. Bloom will doubtlessly be another architectural wonder, so be sure to check it out.

You can find more information about the complete schedule of the unveiling here. Don’t miss it, as Bloom will be completely dismantled afterwards, before being shipped to Thailand and elsewhere for a series of exhibitions. 

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