Mar. 9, 2015

Pirx 3D, Poland-based 3D printer manufacturer, has announced this week that they are releasing all the design files for their first, wooden-framed model called PIRX.

The PIRX 3D printer was released two years ago and now it is set to reach a wider community of makers with the announcement that the design and source files are free and downloadable for non-commercial use.

"Thousands of users gave our first printer a try," explains Piotr Lipert, CEO of Pirx 3D. "Thanks to their feedback, we've had the opportunity to learn what major challenges 3D printing posed to the users. Not only have we been able to improve existing solutions, but we have also come up with completely new features. The holy grail of the design process was to make a printer that would be as trouble-free a device as possible, and using it would be as easy as using a TV. But without a remote control."

So if you want to build your own PIRX, you can download everything you need to create it as well as info on installing the electronics and the firmware. According to the company, they will also provide users with 'the videos, tutorial, manual and everything that is needed to help you build a 3d printer' soon.

Pirx 3D unveiled their latest Prix One 3D printer at the beginning of this year. Priced at 1000 EUR for the Pirx One 1.1 and 1200 EUR for the 1.2 (with heated bed), the Pirx One is a stylish machine with high-resolution prints and convenient built in features such as auto bed-leveling and an LCD interface screen.

Pirx 3D is another Polish company entering the market alongside companies like Jelwek and Zortrax. New Pirx printers are manufactured in a factory in Cracow, Poland and they all come with a two-year warranty.

All design files for the PIRX 3D printer are available for download from GitHub.



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Unimpressed wrote at 3/9/2015 2:42:02 PM:

Oh cool... a Makerbot Replicator 1 this is open source... oh wait.

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