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Similar to product design firms and the aerospace industry, dentists have been using additive manufacturing technologies since before 3D printing became a household term. However just like any other business, the demands of having the latest and greatest technology to stay ten steps ahead of your competition still come into play - and for that, 3D printing giant Stratasys has just announced their most technologically-advanced 3D printer for dentists and dental labs.

Scheduled to be unveiled on Wednesday, March 11th at the International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany, the Objet260 Dental Selection 3D Printer was designed to take digital dentistry realism and precision to the next level with increased model accuracy, full-color printing and multi-material support.  

Due to an increased focus on intra-oral color scanning within the dental field these days, the ability to produce ultra-realistic 3D printed models with multiple output options is becoming a new standard.  This end-to-end workflow of scanning a patient’s mouth and replicating it with near life-like precision not only helps decrease the amount of errors but also makes it easier for dental professionals to communicate with their patients.

Among other features, the Objet260 is capable of 3D printing multiple models at the same time while employing the use of its unique triple-jetting technology to deliver ultra-realistic detail to each model with multiple materials and color options within a single print.  For medical professionals, the accurate anatomical models can clearly depict bone, nerve and teeth structures while also going as far as being able to reproduce soft gingiva for testing the use of implants, crowns and bridges for a specific patient.  

Due to its ability to replicate subtle details in a patient’s mouth, the Objet260 will ultimately play a significant role in implant testing.  Since the 3D printed models will be nearly identical to a patient’s own mouth structure - including color - it will be easier for medical professionals and lab technicians to mimic the look and feel of true biological features including teeth and gums.  Additionally, the models can be made directly from CBCT scan data and serve as three-dimensional ‘guides’ for sensitive surgical procedures.  

Among those who have been early adopters of the Objet260 include 3DMedical Print from Austria, who specialize in digital fabrication for the medical industry.  Since having the new printer, the company has been using it alongside their intra-oral color scanner to produce 3D printed gingiva masks and models that mimic actual patient teeth and gums.  Their clients - which include oral surgeons, dentists and dental technicians - have all given very positive feedback to the 3D printed models.  

"We are using the Objet260 Dental Selection 3D Printer to produce realistic 3D printed gingiva masks and models we couldn't do before. We have not had 3D printed dental models that so closely resemble the actual teeth and gums," said Stefan Remplbauer, general manager of 3DMedicalPrint.

"This is definitely going to help set 3DMedicalPrint apart from our competitors."



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alvaro wrote at 3/11/2015 10:31:50 AM:

A step closer to print dental implants using biomaterials

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