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Interesting 3D printing innovations were certainly expected at the annual Appliance & Electronics World Expo in Shanghai, and even the first day did not disappoint. The Haier Group, a Chinese multinational and giant of the consumer electronics and home appliances industry immediately unveiled their latest product: a fully functional air conditioner that has been created with 3D printing technology. It’s the world's first 3D printed air conditioner, and as you can see, it also looks great.

As Haier revealed at the World Expo, their air conditioner is very different from typical 3D printed concept products. Upon purchasing its already fully programmed and simply needs to be installed and used. It’s cooling and heating systems are fully functional, and even its LCD display is 3D printed. Meanwhile, they’ve also had enough time to think about its appearance, giving it a streamlined 3D wave, and a refreshing color scheme that transitions from white to blue.

But more importantly, the air conditioner’s 3D printed nature means it can easily be adjusted to suit the customer’s wishes (after all, why else 3D print it?). That means customers can choose colors, style, performance and structures for their model. In the near future, everything about the model (even the PC boards) will be made with a 3D printer and therefore adjustable to your own wishes. This means, in short, that the Haier air conditioner is shaping up to be the perfect model for people who want their air conditioner to fully blend in with their décor and style. Even names, photos and logos can be added to the model, as its 3D printed nature simply provides a lot of different options for customization.

As you can imagine, many people were very impressed by the machine and many inquired about options for an air conditioner with a customized logo for businesses and so on. However, the model on display is currently the only model made, and was already purchased by one enthusiastic person. According to Haier Group, the only 3D printed air conditioner in the world was purchased for 40,000 yuan (or 6394 USD). While the buyer has remained anonymous, Haier officials simply said the buyer was a tech-savvy guy.

Haier Booth, with a "Sold" note on the wall

While the rest of us will thus have to wait a while before getting our own, the Hair 3D printed air conditioner seems to be perfect for today’s individualized consumer. It would not at all surprise us if there was a lot of demand for a fully customizable air conditioner that can be adjusted to your own home, office or style. To make this device more interesting, it is powered with the high-quality ‘Haier Smart Ecosystem'. There’s just one problem, and that is that we have no idea when it will be made available. According to Haier Group, the design platform will be opened soon, so at least we know its forthcoming.


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Matt wrote at 3/14/2015 1:16:51 PM:

And even the LCD is 3d printed, ummm false ?

TC wrote at 3/14/2015 4:09:54 AM:

Ah ...... Cool!

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