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3D printing communities all over the world are enabling talented individuals to explore their technical and design skills in new creative ways. In Istanbul, Turkey, design team 5 dakika collaborated with Studioflow to work on a unique 3D printing project, which was coordinated by Serdar Okumuş and Kağan Hanoğlu. Turkish based dairy company, Ülker, requested the design project for an event as a way to show children a functional 3D printed model of one of their infamous dairy trucks that are so familiar to residents Turkey. Although the project was targeted toward children, adults are also able to appreciate the 3D model as a way to explore and understand 3D printing technology. The project was developed as an innovative way for Ülker to draw attention to their company at the event.

Because of the complexity and detail of the model, countless hours of planning and design work were required to successfully develop the 200cm dairy truck. The model is so detailed that it even has two functional storage tanks that have the ability to distribute milk to children attending the event. Although the majority of the truck was 3D printed using FDM and PLA material, some components such as the storage tanks and main shaft had to be fabricated with metal.

Once the parts were finished being 3D printed, they had to be carefully assembled and painted in order to match the eye-catching design of Ülker's dairy trucks. In addition to the 3D printed parts and metal components, the model also features plexiglass windows to imitate the real windows of the truck.

5 dakika was founded 14 years ago and consists of a team of designers that work on both the virtual and the tangible world, with a main focus on "experience design" services. This means they have enough diversified talent and experience to work with clients on spatial design, objects, processes, tasks and events. 3D printing is just one of many interdisciplinary tools used during these design projects. They work with different equipment and use a variety of programs and applications to develop and complete unique projects for their clients. Their services range from corporate projects to event designs, from custom prints to 3D printing workshops.

5 dakika and their collaborative partners provide an excellent example of how 3D printing can be applied to all sorts of industries and design projects. This project specifically demonstrates how 3D printing can be used along with other fabrication methods to develop unique parts and objects. Working with multiple materials requires designers and engineers to think differently about the geometry of structural components and how they can be assembled. 5 dakika also plays an important role in the Turkey's growing maker community, known as Makers Turkiye. This maker community is just one of many throughout the world that is taking charge in 3D printing education and innovation. With the 3D printed dairy truck being a success, I would keep an eye out for unique projects developed by 5 dakika in the future.



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