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For years now, Poland has seemed to be very well represented in the 3D printing community, something especially evident from the high number of start-ups and 3D printing innovations coming out of that country. And now another exciting innovation, this time by Sand Made, is forthcoming. This start-up, founded by Jakub Graczyk, is almost ready to debut their industrial-quality SLS 3D printer. Visitors of the ever-popular TEDx Krakow in June are in luck, as they will be given the first chance to see this promising machine for themselves.

As Jakub explains to, he only founded Sand Made in the summer of 2014, together with a group of young engineers and with fortunate support from the Foundry Institute in Krakow, where they are also located. They have only been working on their Selective Laser Sintering 3D printer for a brief period, building their first prototype in January of this year with the help of investments from Polish Start-up accelerator MARR.

‘Our main goal is to provide best quality prints for industry, that's why we are using a high power CO2 laser, combined with a very good industrial quality Scanning Head,’ Jakub explains. To overall goal of this initiative is, of course, to produce a marketable and affordable machine for the foundry industry, also capable of working with materials such as foundry sand, polystyrene, and foundry wax. Eventually, various nylon materials will also be included in the list of possibilities.

‘Our mission is to provide to the market an affordable device in the same class as the expensive CNC machines. The printer we build will change the future of small and medium industries and design studios,’ Jakub states. And if you look at the specifications below, it does seem to have all the necessary qualities to become a decent making machine. You just have to wonder if they’re not pricing themselves out of the market too much.

Printer specifications:

  • Method: Selective Laser Sintering
  • Laser: CO2, 40W
  • Scanning: High speed Galvanometer (up to 3000mm/sec)
  • Heated Bed
  • High quality IR sensor
  • Building volume: 150x150x150 mm
  • Powder spreading: counter roller
  • removable powder module
  • Layer thickness: 0.06-0.35mm depend on material and printing speed
  • Build speed: up to 13mm /per hour
  • File format: STL
  • Cost: About 25,000 EUR

And while their machine isn’t exactly ready for marketing yet, Sand Made is already confident enough to show it off at the upcoming TEDx Krakow. Those of you interested and close enough to visit, go here for more information. As for the rest of us, we will just have to settle for the preview clip below.


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